4 Amazing One-Day Getaways Near San Diego

It’s no secret that San Diego is a hub for people with all sorts of fascinations, but the surrounding area has much to offer in its own right. Whether you’re looking to spend the day immersing yourself in the cultures and art that make up the Southwest, relaxing on the beach under the sunshine and ocean breeze, or sampling some of the best food and drinks that California has to offer, there’s something on the West Coast for everyone. If you’re looking for a short getaway out of the city, here are some of our favorite spots that are just a drive away.

getaway near San Diego

Julian Pie Company

The Julian Pie Company, located in the small mountain town of Julian, CA, is a famous destination for residents of San Diego and pie lovers alike. They’ve been baking pies for over 30 years and have the flavors to prove it, offering over 21 flavors, including their Original Apple. The Julian Pie Company is family owned and operated by the Smothers family, with a beginning that originates with the purchase of an orchard by Liz and her husband, Keith, in 1989.

While Keith tended to the orchard, Liz spent her time perfecting the craft of baking pies. Now, the Julian Pie Company has grown to produce another location in Santa Ysabel, CA, and it works to satisfy pie lovers all over the USA through shipping baked goods to homes and businesses. With an endless selection of tasty options to keep you coming back, one visit to the Julian Pie Company typically isn’t enough for customers. Make sure you’re hungry beforehand, and it’s a guarantee your stomach will thank you.

Mount Palomar Observatory

Mount Palomar Observatory is just a short drive away from San Diego. Owned and operated by Caltech, the observatory houses three operational telescopes, including the world famous 200-inch Hale Telescope, which is the world’s largest working telescope today. On a trip here, you’ll have the opportunity to tour the Palomar Museum, where you can learn about the history of the observatory, scientific discoveries made with Palomar’s telescopes, and the latest news developing within the world of astronomy.

The Visitors Gallery is another section of the observatory that allows you to see the Hale telescope from an observation area, where you can acquaint yourself with information about the telescope and learn about the research being performed. Whether you’re fascinated by astronomy, engineering, or are simply looking for an educational experience, all visitors are welcome.

Baja California

Baja California is just a short drive across the border, and it provides some of the best opportunities to experience delicious food, go on scenic hikes, explore the communities of the area, and take part in some of the best surfing of the West Coast.

Puerto Nuevo is a must-stop for any traveler who decides to cross the border. This small community remains a village that’s world-renowned for numerous lobster and seafood restaurants. It’s the self-proclaimed “Lobster Capital of Baja,” known for the pan-fried method that’s custom for cooking the lobsters. According to tradition, lobsters are pan-fried in lard and served with beans, rice, and flour tortillas on the side. Puerto Nuevo is home to over 30 restaurants where you can find this delicious dish, and it’s less than an hour drive away from San Diego.

Baja California also provides opportunities to entrench yourself in local history and culture. After you enjoy a delicious meal, go on a trip to the monument of Christ of the Sacred Heart, a 75- foot-tall statue of Jesus displaying his Sacred Heart nestled above the town of El Morro. This impressive marvel is a testament to the importance and influence of religion in the area.

Or you can choose a path that’s more airborne and scenic on a visit to the Pikin Parque de Altura, where you can ride zip lines, traverse obstacle courses in the sky, and take in Baja California’s beauty from an aerial position.


Cerro El Coronel is another way you can take advantage of the local topography. This hiking trail is located near Playas de Rosarito and offers the opportunity to get close to nature, work up a sweat, and enjoy breathtaking views of the West Coast.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy the sunset accompanied by margaritas and scrumptious seafood, take a walk on the beach, or immerse yourself in the rich culture of Baja California, a trip across the border is sure to be a worthwhile time.

Sycuan Casino Resort

If you’re more prone to the risk and reward of gambling, the new Sycuan Casino and Resort, located in El Cajon, CA, can provide you with the perfect place to put your money where your mouth is, with a world-class gaming casino that has 2,000 slot machines, table games, Asian games, bingo, poker, roulette, and craps.

When you’re finished testing your luck, unwind with a delicious meal and show. Sycuan offers a range of delicious dining options for its guests that allow you to settle down and enjoy the company of others, or join in on the fun and let the rhythm move you. Sycuan is also home of popular El Cajon lounge, the Elicit Bar & Lounge, provides an experience for those who love nightlife, offering music by live DJs, Asian inspired menu items, as well as artisanal cocktails, craft beers, and a wine selection that is sure to please your palate.

After your stomach has settled, you can’t go wrong catching a show. The Live & Up Close theatre and Heritage Event Center are Sycuan’s two on-site venues for entertainment, where you can catch live comedy and music by award-winning performers.

health and wellness spa

Sycuan also offers a full-service spa for guests looking for a rejuvenating experience, with a range of beauty and wellness treatments for you. You can expect to choose from a selection of facials, body treatments, massages, manicures and pedicures to help you revitalize your appearance and achieve a blissful state of relaxation.

No matter your reason for visiting San Diego, choosing to stay with Sycuan can provide you with everything you need to make your time enjoyable. There’s no shortage of options, whether you’re looking to bet it all, or relax and unwind on a retreat away from the responsibilities of life.

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