4 Habits To Stop That Will Change Your Life!

If there was a clear map detailing a quick route to health, peace of mind and well-being, then it would have to do with your body; what you put into it and how you care for it. Keep reading for ways to stop the unhealthy habits and live a healthier lifestyle and improve your all over health and well-being.

1. Smoking

You should break this unhealthy bad habit for so many reasons. In addition to being responsible for almost all cases of lung disease, it makes you feel and look bad. You may not realize it; in fact, you probably think you feel better every time you smoke, but once you quit, you will recognize what it really means to feel good. Your body is designed to fight impurities you put into it, but it can’t heal your lungs if you continuously smoke, and eventually the damage will be irreversible.

Once you quit smoking:

  • Your skin’s complexion will improve
  • You will quickly stop coughing
  • Your skin will regain much of it’s youthful look and feel
  • Your teeth will get white
  • You can be free of smoker’s breath and the cigarette smell permeating your clothes
  • Your whole body will feel better and your will have a greater sense of well-being

2. Stop Eating Junk Food

Another toxic unhealthy habit to stop is — Junk food is highly processed food, so it has high amounts of sugar and salt. Junk food also has refined flour, which doesn’t benefit you beyond adding unhealthy weight to your body, saturated and trans fats that are not good for your heart and increase your risk of stroke and of course high fructose corn syrup, which causes insulin resistance, obesity, heart disease and belly fat.


  • Herbs and Foods to Help You Kick the Habit

Instead of eating junk food:

  • Incorporate more herbal foods into your diet to help you quit smoking, such as fresh lime juice, which was proven to reduce the urge to smoke. It also makes the body more alkaline after being excessively acidic from smoking. You could make limeade, use it in your salad dressing or squeeze some into your tea.
  • Calamus, Acorus Calamus or Sweet Flag helps clean out the lungs, is calming, treats anxiety, is stimulating, energizing, centering and increases stamina. However, something to watch out for is that it can make you eat more.
  • Ginger helps relieve the nausea associated with quitting smoking. Consider having ginger tea, candy or grating it into your saute or fruit bowl.
  • Grape juice cleans the toxins from tobacco out of your body at lightening speed so that withdrawal symptoms and cravings for nicotine disappear quicker.

3. Stop Being Inactive

Exercise is so important to live a healthy life, and it can help immensely when you are quitting smoking. Yoga is a good exercise course to start that has specific meditation techniques and poses suggested to help quit smoking. Make each yoga session a delight by setting the atmosphere with soft lighting, candles, Indian music and a yoga mat or oriental carpet. Make sure your environment is peaceful, clean and free from impurities. Consider sending your carpet to an oriental rug cleaner first if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while.

4. Find More Alternative Activities

Many smokers need something else to do once they no longer smoke. While some start chewing gum, unfortunately, many turn to options, such as eating more, which can be harmful unless you like to snack on fresh celery, carrots or radishes. Another alternative is to use an e cigarette, which is actually a tobacco harm reduction product. What makes cigarettes so bad is not just the nicotine but the tar and tobacco. E cigs don’t always contain either of the latter two. In fact, you can even get e cig juice products that doesn’t contain any nicotine.

Smoking causes so much harm that trying to get healthy and live a long life without taking cigarettes out of the equation is pretty much impossible.  If you smoke — make it your New Years resolution to quit NOW! Start by living a healthier lifestyle –  and read how eating healthy and exercising will help you quite smoking and put you on the road to living a long healthy, happy and green lifestyle.  It only takes a month to get past the worst part of quitting smoking and to eliminate toxins from junk food but by following the above tips, even that first month will be easier for you.

Do you have any tips that help you live healthier, how to quit smoking or kick the junk food habit?

If so please share them in the comment section – so that we can help each other live healthier!!




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