Natural Remedy: Raw Honey, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Baking Soda


Today my friends I woulHomeRemedies.jgpd like to discuss home remedies that can be used for many ailments and can be very effective. I would like to share some of these remedies that probably many of you have might already have in you home. When it comes to home remedies sometimes there is a fine line between real healing and “old wise tales.”  I will explain why you need aloe vera, witch hazel, honey in your home.  These natural alternative medicines have powerful healing attributes that have been used for thousands of years some even since biblical times and proven to safely cure diseases and correct health disorders for generations.

 These are home and natural remedies that are recommended by doctors, naturopaths and pharmacists.

No medicine cabinet or kitchen cabinet should be without these remedies!

1. Aloe vera gel: This is a remedy for Sunburn and minor kitchen burns. “The gel has active compounds that help the burn heal much more quickly,” says Andrew Rubman, a doctor of naturopathic medicine in Southbury, Conn. For best results use the aloe plant break off the end and squeeze some of the gel like substance for a burn or an abrasion.  Caution: Although some people will say you can use it as a laxative in cases of severe constipation — it probably not a great idea since it can it turns into a soap in the large intestines and can lead to severe cramping.

2. Baking soda: Can be used as a mild gastritis between meals and, baking soda has antacid properties and can neutralize heartburn. I personally have used baking soda to control some reactions to chemicals or other allergens. I have had quite a lot of success with it helping to neutralize reaction.  —  Stir about 1/2 teaspoon into about 4 ounces of water then swallow.

 3. Witch hazel: This is great remedy for external (only) sores, pimples, aftershave treatments, poison ivy, varicose veins, eczema, mosquito bits, and even ingrown nails. Witch Hazel has strong antioxidant and astringent properties that aid in healing and reducing inflammation. –To use clean the area with mild soap and apply the witch hazel with a sterile cotton ball or Q-tip or on bigger areas apply to a bandage before applying to wound.

4. Raw honey: Raw honey is honey as it exists in the beehive or as obtained by extraction, settling or straining, without adding heat (although some honey that has been “minimally processed” is often labeled as raw honey). Raw honey has some pollen and may contain small particles of wax. Local raw honey is sought after by allergy sufferers as the pollen impurities are thought to lessen the sensitivity to hay fever.

Is good for an upset stomach, insect bites, ulcers, burns because it has bacteria-killing properties. According to research and a study that was published by Clinical Nursing Journal that was published in a 2008  issue, shallow skin ulcers with honey dressings decreased their size by 34%. Did you know that doctors treated burns and wounds during World War I with honey and that many medical professionals still use raw honey in treatment? A light coating of honey protects a wound against foreign agents and it also helps reduce swelling and serves as an antibacterial agent.

For an upset stomach misc equal parts of honey and vinegar (1 tsp each) and add to juice or water. Raw honey can be used as a sleep aid for insomnia by adding a tsp to a cup of hot milk.

For sore throats— Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, honey not only soothes throats but can also kill certain bacteria that causes the infection.   To soothe a sore throat — Take a spoonful of honey to soothe the inflammation or gargle with a mixture of 2 tablespoons of honey, 4 tablespoons of lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Did you know that many professional singers commonly use honey to soothe their throats before performances.

Caution: Should not be used on infants under 1-year-old because honey spores product bacteria that can cause botulism (a serious form of food poisoning). People with bee allergies especially if you have severe allergic reaction– do not use –this could cause and anaphylactoid reaction.

I hope these suggestion on natural remedies will be helpful to you and it help you get on the right path to healing and being healthy naturally. It is surprising what might be right in front of you that can be useful to relieve discomfort. Always check with your health-care provider if ever in doubt before using any home remedy.

This is just another step to “Going Green”  


Quote of the Day: “Whether we and our politicians know it or not, Nature is party to all our deals and decisions, and she has more votes, a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do!” ~ Wendell Berry

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