4 Signs You Need to See a Carpal Tunnel Doctor In Buffalo NY ASAP

You might have experienced a tingling sensation in your fingers before when working for long hours. You might have a friend who is complaining of pain in their wrists and has been going on for weeks now. These symptoms could signify carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), and you should see a doctor right away.

In a big city like New York, it is quite difficult to find a doctor specializing in treating hand illnesses. Though difficult, it is not impossible. You can click here to see what Dr. Paul Paterson, specializing in hand and upper extremities, have to say about treating carpal tunnel syndrome.

Now that you know a doctor in Buffalo, NY whom you can consult for, you need to be aware of these four signs that can signify carpal tunnel syndrome.

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

1. Unusual Sensation In Your Fingers

It is not just any unusual sensations, it refers to the numbness and tingling sensations in your fingers. Thought it could not occur in your pinky finger, it occurs on your thumb and first three fingers. With these unusual sensations, you might find it hard to distinguish certain things, like hot from cold, or rough from smooth.

When you observe that these unusual sensations persist for days, you should go see a doctor immediately. These can be the early signs of CTS, and it can go worse if left unattended.

2. Burning and Pain In Your Arm

Aside from unusual sensations, you might start to feel burning sensations or any sort of pain that runs from your wrists to your shoulders. This symptom is much worse as it affects your whole forearm. At this time, you may find it difficult to do things normally.

If these pain have been going on for days, you have to check it with a doctor and take recommendations. There might be a lot worse happening than what you think.

3. Severe Wrist Pain

Some pains are bearable when the symptoms are still showing up. However, when the symptoms persist and left unattended, it can cause severe pain on your wrist. These pain can come and go, and it can disturb you on your sleep at night or any given day.

These wrist pains are signs that your symptoms have gone worse, but it is never too late to consult this with a doctor. You can still get treatment from CTS, even with worse complications.

4. Muscle Weakness In Your Hand

Another worse symptom that you can get in CTS is when the muscles in your hands are getting weaker. This tells you that your pains have gone way worse than before, affecting not only your nerves, but your muscles as well. When your muscles turn weak, you cannot hold things firmly, and you find it difficult to make a fist already.

This weakness should give you the loudest alarm bells in your head that these symptoms are way beyond normal. You should not delay to see a doctor and should seek treatment immediately.

Carpal Tunnel Sydrome

Additional Signs To Look For

While symptoms of CTS will always be felt in your hand, there are other indirect signs that you should be aware of. These signs are found in the activities that you do, which can contribute to the onset and worsening of CTS.

Here are four additional signs that you should be aware of.

1. Symptoms Persist After Initial Treatment

When pains occur, it is natural for us to take medicinal herbs or any medicines to alleviate the pain. However, when pain does not go away, it is time to consult the doctor for the first time, or the second time if you already have.

2. Repetitive Movements

Repetitive movements at your home or at work can contribute to CTS. If you have tasks that involve repetitive movements in your hands, you should minimize doing it or not do it at all.

3. Using Vibrating Tools

Some people love fixing things, and they use vibrating tools, such as grinders, hammer drills, and oscillating power tools, to help them finish the job quickly. You should lessen your hand’s exposure to the tool and take breaks in your work to prevent CTS from occurring.

4. Existing Body Issues

Some diseases can worsen CTS real quick, such as diabetes, edema, hypothyroidism, and existing tumor/swelling in the carpal tunnel or in the muscles. You should even be wary if you’re pregnant as it can also contribute to tasks that can cause CTS.

The Bottom Line

The main problem with many people is that they only look for help after the symptoms have worsened. This should not be the case when you have CTS, since it can become permanent if signs are left unattended for a long period of time. You should also watch out for activities that will not stress your hand muscles too much.

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