4 Ways to Make Driving Your EV Even More Eco-Friendly!

When you first bought your electric vehicle, the purchase itself felt like you had done your part to help the planet. But after the novelty of going electric wore off, you began to wonder if there was more you could do to get the most out of your electric vehicle — and protect Mother Earth in the process. Here are a few ways you can further your positive impact on our planet and make your EV more eco-friendly.

1. Consider Your Driving Style

Admittedly, it’s all too easy to slam on the accelerator as soon as you hit the open road in that sexy, new Tesla. But, for the sake of our planet, you should ignore this temptation. Electric vehicles are more sensitive to speedy driving styles compared to their gas-powered counterparts, according to vehicle-testing experts at Edmunds.com.

To extend the range of your charge, avoid accelerating quickly to high speeds, hard braking and other aggressive driving maneuvers. By adjusting your driving habits, you can help to make each charge last even longer and, in effect, minimize your carbon footprint.

2. Upgrade Your Tires

Driving on the wrong tires can severely hamper the battery range of your electric vehicle. To prevent this energy-inefficiency, invest in a new set of low-rolling resistance tires, which includes those sold by Continental. Low-rolling resistance tires are designed to minimize the energy wasted with each rotation of your tire, thus requiring less power from your electric vehicle to keep the wheels in motion while driving.

Additionally, make it a point to regularly check the air pressure of your tires. Underinflated tires require more energy from your vehicle to roll efficiently, which affects your battery range. Always review the pressure range printed on your tires when inflating them to ensure they are filled to the ideal PSI.

3. Add Heated Seats

During the cold winter months, electric-powered vehicles can lose as much as half of their battery range due to the electricity required to heat the vehicle’s interior to a warm, comfortable temperature. To minimize the power strain without sacrificing your own comfort, upgrade to heated seats, an effective way to help you and your passengers stay warm. Perhaps just as important: they require significantly less energy to power than your vehicle’s interior heating system.

4. Use Apps to Control the Interior Temperature

While heating your vehicle is a big strain on your battery, cooling it on a scorching summer day can also put a dent in your battery range. Instead of driving with the heat or AC on full blast, drivers of certain electric vehicles can, for example, use an app to pre-heat or pre-cool their vehicle before heading to their next destination. By adjusting the in-app temperature controls while your electric vehicle is charging, you won’t be putting any extra, unnecessary strain on your battery.

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