5 Amazing Reasons Why Air Frying is Beneficial

You must have seen the buzz about air fryers online. This appliance is the trendiest thing happening in the kitchen, and you must be curious about all the hype. This appliance does not fry your food in the same way as a deep-fat fryer does. It looks more like a small, self-contained oven. This appliance uses electrical elements to heat the air inside the oven quickly and then circulate this air through and around your food. This hot air fries the food with very little oil and make it crispy from outside but keep it moist and chewy from inside and helps you learn how to eat a healthy diet.

Here are some amazing reasons to use an air fryer over other cooking methods.

1. Healthier Cooking:

The most amazing thing about air frying is that the food can be cooked without any oil, or with just a tablespoonful oil if you want to use it. Before, it was not possible to achieve the crispy outer layer of chicken wings or potato fries without deep frying them. But now air frying technique can fry wings, onion rings, and frozen fries without using extra oil, and still get crispy results. The air-fried fries are crispier but not dried out as compared to oven-cooked fries. Less oil consumption means low-fat and low-calorie food, which is far healthier than deep-fried food. No oil is needed to cook raw meat either.

2. Ease of Use:

An air fryer is really easy to use – just put the food straight into it, adjust the temperature, and set the timer. There is no fuss or stirring like cooking on a stovetop. This smart countertop device is safe for you and your family because it doesn’t involve the risk of burns with hot oil splatters. It makes this appliance perfect for college students, teenagers, and even elderly people. It’s simple to use and doesn’t lose a lot of heat when you open it, so you can peek while cooking if you want.

3. Ease of Clean-Up:

A part of cooking that most people don’t enjoy is the clean-up. With an air fryer, you just have a try or a pan to clean that are dishwasher safe. The pans, racks, and trays that come with an air fryer are non-stick, and the food doesn’t stick to the pan and usually slides right off onto your dish. It just takes a few minutes to wash up after every use. The less messy procedure of cooking inspires many people to cook at home more often because there will be no wasted oil or oil splatters.

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4. Quicker and Convenient Prep:

The reason most of the working people don’t cook at home is their busy schedules. Air fryers are compact, and they don’t need to be preheated before cooking as compared to conventional ovens that require 20-30 minutes of preheating. Moreover, reheating of already cooked food in an air fryer requires just about 10 minutes. Reheating crispy food is just as convenient; it will still be crispy after reheating in an air fryer. Fries can take just 15 minutes to be ready in an air fryer while they take 45 minutes in the oven. If you need to make a snack or cook in a hurry, you’ll love this time saver gadget.

5. Versatility:

This device is versatile, and you can cook frozen or fresh food and even reheat the leftovers in it. Some fryers have dividable baskets which enable you to cook several things at a time. Some air fryers come with features like grill pan, rotisserie rack, and elevated cooking rack. Hence, an air fryer is much more than a fryer that allows you to reheat, bake, roast, dehydrate, warm, and slow cook your food.

Have you ever tried an air fryer? Please share you tips, suggestions and opinions in the comments section below.

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  1. My SIL told me about these over a year ago, now I’m seeing them everywhere! I guess I better get one. But seriously, the air fryer does have obvious benefits. Thanks for spelling them out.

    1. HI Kelley,
      My sister has one and she loves it and I have eaten the food she made in it. The chicken was delicious. I haven’t got one yet but I am seriously considering it after researching them thoroughly. I am glad you found my article helpful. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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