5  Energy-Efficient Gear to Improve Your Vehicle’s Carbon Footprint

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From my previous post we learned about how to find the EnergyStar vehicle with SmartWay. If you’re not ready to purchase another vehicle or you just want to focus on changes you can make today with energy efficient gear that keeps your car running smoothly and your carbon footprint low please read on!

Only 14 to 30 percent of energy from fuel is used to actually drive down the road; the rest is wasted on power accessories and engine and drive-line inefficiencies, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Choosing an electric or eco-friendly vehicle can help, but it may not be as energy efficient as you think unless your car is charged with renewable, clean electricity.

5 Eco-Friendly Ideas to Reduce Your Vehicle Carbon FootPrint:

1. Mobile asset solution

A mobile asset solution like Mastrack is often used by parents to track teenage driving. But anyone can use it to help maximize the efficiency of their car. Track your own speed and receive alerts when you are going too fast and get data on your mileage use. Use the Mastrack information to drive more efficiently and save on fuel costs and adjust your speeds to reduce your emissions and keep your car running efficiently. Mastrack also comes with street views and offers quick access to Google Maps so you can get where you need to be faster instead of wasting time and fuel.

2. Efficient tires

Tires can pull down your car’s energy-efficiency when you neglect servicing and caring for them regularly. But carefully driving, rotating and balancing your tires and keeping them full of air won’t do you much good if you choose the wrong tires to begin with. Michelin’s fuel efficient tires offer solid braking, are long-lasting and eco-friendly. Choose tires that fit your vehicle’s needs, like the Pilot Sport A/S 3 for high performance and secure tire grips for all seasons.

3. LED lights

LED lights are more durable than traditional lights and are less of a power drain. They typically last up to five times longer depending on your vehicle and offer better visibility. Driving with LED lights may keep you safer on the road since drivers can see you more clearly. Look at other lighting in your car for an LED upgrade like tail lights, dome lights and interior lighting.

4. Route planning apps

Carefully planning the best route to your destination can help maximize your time on the road and create a more energy-efficient driving experience. An app like Route 4 Me promises you’ll never spend more than 60 seconds a day planning routes. Instead, the app can look at where you’re going and plan out the best route for single or multiple destinations. Especially useful for shipping and delivery companies, the app can help reduce your drive time by 35 percent.

5. Solar chargers

Charge up your car battery with help from the sun with a powered R7 Watt Rollable solar panel. Once you unroll the panel, you can connect the panel to a 12V battery to recharge it. Look to other energy drains in your car. Charging up your devices, laptops and smartphones in your car’s power adapter port can drain its efficiency. Pick up a Powerfilm Rollable Solar Charger and charge up your gear with a soft plastic solar panel layer.

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