5 Healthy Food Tips to Help You Lose Those Holiday Pounds

Yes, a little sip and a yummy taste here and there. Family members and friends loved the appreciative feedback they got on how sumptuous their meals were. Well, it all added up on your body weight. However there is no need agonizing over the festive indulgence or have a guilt trip on the expanded waistline. To stay healthy and look trim, it is recommended to burn off the bloated holiday tummy and lose that weight by following these 5 food tips.

Majority of kiwis take care of themselves with two out of every three meeting daily fruit and vegetable intake requirements. Food safety is maintained to reduce food borne illnesses and protect public health. Restaurant and food business owners are aware on food safety and ensure it remains compliant. They employ the service of a Safe Food Pro app to make this happen. The Food Pro app ensures a Food Control Plan (FCP) is up and running to meet various business requirements.

Healthy Tips to Lose Weight

1. FCPs and food businesses

Food business owners, food manufacturers and retailers use the Simply Safe and Suitable template to achieve requirements for the Food Act. The template can be tailored to meet individual needs of business owners. This template constitutes forms, pre-printed records and a diary. Businesses need to carry this out in order to meet food safety and compliance requirements. Customers need to be sure that food they purchase is constantly safe and meets with required standards.

 Food business owners stand to benefit from FCPs through the following:

  • They can adopt and personalize the FCP according to their business needs. Working with a FCP helps reduce visits by Environmental Health Officers (EHO)
  • The FCP helps keep track on waste management
  • Business owners can save money on staff training and equip themselves on Basic Food Hygiene.
  • Food produced maintains its safety.

The following steps should be adopted for a FCP plan:

  • Create a FCP template
  • Registration with a local council
  • Be confirmed by verification
  • Run with the adopted plan.

2. Tips to knock off the holiday weight

Restaurants and food business owners provide a healthy menu range you can choose from to lose those pounds. They also ensure foods are safe for consumption. Here are some strategies you should leverage to get your body back into shape:

  • Fiber rich menu: vegetables are important to the body. Veggies have water content which aids hydration. They come with a high fiber content which facilitates digestive secretion and act as natural suppressants. Veggies reduce tummy bulge by decreasing constipation level and flushing out toxins. Veggies do not have a lot of calories and are rich in anti-oxidants.
    Grab a salad off the restaurant menu. Combine lean protein, veggies, small quantity of healthy fat and grains. Do not eat bread which stimulates appetite readily available in menus.

Healthy foods

3. Take fruits rich in fiber since they have high water content.

  • Fall in love with water: take lots of water like it is your best drink. Drinking a lot of water removes excessive sodium from the body system so the body quickly de-bloats. Water eradicates constipation from the digestive system. Drink at least 2 to 2.5 liters per day for about 8 to 10 cups. Drink two cups of water after you wake up. People who increase water intake daily eat 205 calories less and 200 milligrams less of sodium.

Restaurants provide all the drinking water you need so take as much as possible. Avoid sugary drinks or alcohol which causes the body to demand more water.

You can request for a flavor in your water the makes it healthier and tasties, like fruits, fresh herbs or vegetables. Depending on your preference, there is a wide choice range to choose from.

It may include the following:

  • Apple lemon detox water
  • Pomegranate Strawberry mint water
  • Lemon celery cucumber detox water
  • Watermelon lemon detox water
  • Frozen berry and lemon detox water
  • Goji cucumber mint detox water
  • Mint Rosemary lemon cucumber detox water
  • Kiwi cucumber mint detox water
  • Raspberry lemon detox water
  • Orange lemon detox water
  • Watermelon with aloe vera detox water
  • Coconut persimmon detox water
  • Banana, lemon, mango and tomato detox water
  • Mint melon detox water

4. Eat based on a schedule

commence your day with a healthy meal and ensure a well space meal plan. Running with this strategy increases metabolism, improves appetite, helps check insulin and blood sugar levels.

Do not starve yourself and do not skip meals. This will not burn fat and will cause the body to burn less calories in its conservation state. Do not also under eat as this causes reduced metabolism with muscles being converted into fuel.

5. Stay off coffee culprits

Flee from sugary coffee drinks that come with cream, syrup and whole milk. These accompanying ingredients have a high amount of calories. A cappuccino for instance with syrup has over 600 calories and a large mocha comes with 400 to 580 calories. If you must, stick with black coffee which is calorie free.

Inculcate proteins into meals: experts advise you space protein intake during the course of the day. Eat unprocessed protein like legumes and choose meats free from preservatives. Breakfast should have cinnamon, Greek yoghurt, bananas, almond or eggs.

Do cut down on your tummy flab with these easy techniques that restaurants offer. Enjoy more of their rich high content fiber meals and take more of proteins. Get friendly with water intake and spice it up if needed with fruits or vegetables.

Lets remember that we need to eat a healthy balanced diet for a healthy life and total well-being.

Do you have any tips to share on how to lose weight in a healthy way. Please share them with us in the comments section below.

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