5 Plus Gifts for the Eco-Savvy Outdoor Enthusiast!


Whether you’re planning ahead for the holidays or looking for the perfect birthday gift, here are some of the best gifts for the eco-friendly outdoor enthusiast in your life.

1. Versa Rocket Stove by EcoZoom

The Versa Rocket Stove is the perfect cooking stove to gift your outdoor enthusiast for the next adventure. Its unique engineering and design create an energy-efficient cooking experience that’s portable. The vertical design, combined with an insulated combustion chamber, allows harmful gases to be intertwined with the flames, decreasing toxic emissions that would otherwise be emitted into the environment with a conventional fire.

2. Patagonia Synchilla Fleece Pullover

No outdoor enthusiasts’ closet is complete without a reliable and long-lasting fleece. Patagonia’s fleece pullovers are not only adored by the outdoor community, they’re also manufactured in an eco-friendly manner. Made from 85 percent recycled solids and 80 percent recycled feathers, production of the Synchillia fleece pullover is Fair Trade Certified. The fleece comes in an assortment of colors and Patagonia’s world-famous designs, created with the environment in mind, making it the perfect pullover to throw on when temperatures drop.

3. Cabela’s Camping Gear

With the holidays just around the corner, take advantage of Cabela’s sale and purchase your outdoor enthusiast the camping gear that they need to complete their collection. Purchase an Outfitter XL System Combo sleeping bag for any temperature range or Catch-All gear bags, perfect for packing all of their camping essentials. Keep them warm with Mr. Heater Reconditioned Big Buddy Heaters and keep their drinks and food cold with Polar Cap Equalizer Coolers in a variety of colors.

Make your Cabela’s purchase with the peace of mind that the retailer is dedicated to preserving an outdoor enthusiast’s way of life and conserving the fish, game and wild places they frequently visit. Cabela’s is associated with numerous conservation partners who they work with to leave a positive impact on the environment and the flora and fauna it houses.

4. MSR TrailShot Microfilter Portable Water Filter

The MSR Trailshot Microfilter portable water filter is the perfect gift for people who love to hike, climb, run trails or camp in remote places. The MSR Trailshot filters up to a liter per minute. Its name comes from the portability of the water filter which allows users to throw it inside their pocket or in their day pack. The filter saves users from having to purchase disposable, plastic water bottles and allows for the ability to drink filtered water straight from a stream. The filter is great for refilling reusable water bottles or water packs and its hollow fiber technology kills harmful chemicals, bacteria, and germs.

5. Luci Outdoor 2.0

The Luci Outdoor 2.0 is a solar powered, waterproof, inflatable lantern perfect for camping, sailing, hiking in the dark, or for emergencies. Its portable design allows the lantern to fold almost completely flat and only requires users to blow in order to inflate, just like they would a beach ball or pool float. The lantern is simple to use and comes with seven LED lights that allow brightness levels to be adjusted. This lantern is 100 percent solar-powered and its battery-less design means less potential for harmful chemicals to leach into the soil and impact the local water supply. The lantern only takes seven hours to fully charge and will last up to 24 hours before it needs recharging. SonicRun.com

More helpful Ideas:

Other important and helpful camping gear for that special outdoor enthusiasts in your life would certainly love a hiking walking poles and sticks that can help you find your way through any rocks, tall grasses or woods. 


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