5 Green Investments for Your Home

Living a clean life is more than just eating clean and buying organic; it’s investing in day-to-day life tools that help the environment (and usually your bank account, too). In order to lower your environmental impact, you have to do more than talk-the-talk.

Investing in green options for your home allows you to do your part all day, every day, with very little effort. While the upfront cost may be a smidge higher in the short term, the long term savings and overall benefits will far outweigh any loss. If you’re wondering what you can do to make your home a little greener, here are some ideas.


1. Install Programmable Smart Thermostats

Air conditioning can be a huge energy waster. Even if you live in the hot, humid south in the dead of summer, there’s no need to keep your AC at 68 degrees when you’re not there. Investing in a programmable and/or smart thermostat can help you keep your house cool while you’re in it but use way less energy when you’re not home. Many of today’s smart thermostats even have “learning” features that allow you to control the temperature from your phone. They can also use your phone’s location to determine when you’re not home and conserve energy that wa

2. Switch to LED Lights

Classic light bulbs are no longer the go-to because they seriously waste energy. CFL bulbs are a great option but aren’t always as aesthetically pleasing. To find a happy medium, switch to LED bulbs wherever you can. According to House Method, not only do LEDs conserve energy, but they are also available in a variety of styles that will complement your home décor so you don’t have to sacrifice style. Additionally, LED lights have a long life, so you won’t need to replace them nearly as often as classic bulbs.

3. Upgrade to Energy Star Appliances

One of the best energy-saving tips is to unplug anything that’s not currently in use. It’s a great method but not always practical—especially when it comes to major appliances. To combat this, consider investing in Energy Star appliances throughout your home. They use anywhere from 10–50% less energy than standard appliances and can be purchased through most major retailers.

4. Consider Adding a Compost Bin

Gone are the days of unsightly, disgusting compost bins. Today, there are so many options available that you’re sure to find one that fits your style and budget. Composting will decrease your trash load and (bonus) provide you with free fertilizer for your garden and yard. You’ll be making a huge impact on the environment and will get to reap the benefits.

5. Install Ceiling Fans

Even if you have a smart thermostat, there are still ways to lower your energy use even more, like installing ceiling fans throughout your home. Ceiling fans are a great way to keep air flowing throughout the house and can change direction based on whether you’re trying to distribute heat throughout the home or keep it cool. There are a ton of styles available for purchase, many of which are designed specifically for energy saving.

The only way to get our environment into better shape is by doing our individual parts. It may not be feasible to do something like purchase all new appliances right now, but switching out even one will make a large, lasting impact.

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