Beautiful DIY Air Plant String Art for Your Home

Now that spring has sprung and many people are taking this time of renewal to clean, organize, and redecorate their homes. Incorporating new spring decor with bright colors into your home is a great way to bring life into your space — another great option is to bring in some fresh plants and flowers. If you are looking for a pretty and simple project for your home, look no further. Air plant string art is the perfect project to welcome springtime.

There endless ways to customize this DIY but the main components include a wood base (like a plaque or frame), nails, string and air plants to adorn the string art.

The materials for this project include:

  • Wood board, frame or
  • Small nails
  • String
  • Air plants
  • Hammer
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Paint (optional)

To start creating your
string art follow the steps below:

Step 1
Mark where you want your nails to go.
This is most helpful if you are planning to create a complex design or want to create something specific like a symbol or a letter.

Step 2
Hammer the nails into the wooden base.
Be sure to leave at least half an inch of the nail exposed to make it easier to wrap your string. Erase any visible pencil marks at this time.

Step 3 —
Tie your string to the nail
where you want to start your design. Starting at a corner or edge is usually easiest depending on your design.

Step 4 —
Wrap your string around different nails
to create your design. You should double loop the string on the nail to create a stronger hold. Hold the string tight as you go so it doesn’t unravel.

Step 5 —
Tie off the string and cut the extra string pieces off.
Once your design is complete make sure the finishing knots are secure so it doesn’t come undone.

Step 6 —
Place air plants in the string design.
Try using a variety of air plant types and leave a little room so your string design can still show.

Step 7 —
Display your new project and enjoy!
They can be mounted on the wall or simply leaned up against something.

For more details or styling tips, check out the full DIY air plant string art tutorial by ProFlowers or their infographic below:

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