5 Herbs for Arthritis and Joint Pain


Herbs that treat joint pain"

In the recent days, a sound physical, emotional and mental health is the priority in almost everyone’s life activities. A sound and good health ensure a person gets a good working environment and relation forming capabilities. Physical complication renders one incapable of forming healthy relationships with others and performing his duties effectively and efficiently at their workplaces. Due to the recent global conditions, a majority of people are more preoccupied with their work to meet their daily demands and occasionally tend to forget about physical exercises and good healthy dieting to maintain a sound state of their health.

Unhealthy dieting habits and lack of exercise leads to deteriorating physical conditions among individuals, especially among the aging population. Arthritis and joint pain are among the many unhealthy physical conditions that arise from poor and unhealthy dieting. There are several solutions to these problems, but most people prefer to use the natural ways such as good eating habits and engaging in routine workouts.

The use of natural herbs helps in reducing pain and the effects of the condition:

  • Cat’s claw

    Arthritis leads to inflammation in various parts of the body. Inflammation is the most disturbing symptoms in people who suffer from arthritis. Cat’s claw is one of the natural herbs that are highly recommended for their ability to reduce the swelling in arthritis. The use of cat’s claw as a medicinal herb has a long history dating back to the Inca civilisation. The herb was also recommended for its immune boosting properties. There have been many types of medical research to prove the medical benefits of cat’s claw of which all have been successful. Nowadays, the herb is highly used to reduce arthritis’ pain effects. Some of the negative side effects of using cat’s claw include over stimulating the immune system. Stimulating the immune system is known to alleviate the pain rather than reducing it.


  • Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera is one of the natural herbs that have differentiated medical applications. It has many medical benefits, and it can be applied to both human and animals to deal with various diseases and complications. Aloe Vera is recommended joint soother. In addition to treating small skin abrasions, it is commonly used to produce aloe Vera gel that has many medical applications. The gel can be employed individually or in combination with other herbs to help deal with various medical complications. Aloe Vera is also known to reduce blood sugar levels and gastrointestinal effects such as diarrhoea. The herb is linked to several medical benefits and minimal or no negative side effects. Most specialists advocate for the use of Aloe Vera in dealing with the symptoms of arthritis-like joint pain.


  • Ginger

    Although ginger is used in the kitchen as a spice, it is also widely used for medical purposes. The ginger is known to contain strong flavour components that possess anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, the herb is perceived to reduce swelling in joint pains and arthritis.


  • Thunder God Vine

    The ancient Chinese are known to have made the discovery of the medical benefits of thunder god vine. The extracts obtained from skinning the roots of the herbs are used to suppress overactive immune system. The overactive immune system increases joint pain rather than reducing it. These extracts position the thunder god vine herb as the best candidate for curing and treating autoimmune ailments such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. The extracts are directly applied to suppress the joint pain and swelling. For efficient and effective results ensure to use the herb in combination with other conventional RA medications


  • Eucalyptus

    The herb possesses many medical properties that can be applied to various complications and diseases. It can be used directly on the skin or orally. The herb has a long history of helping people to deal with the various symptoms of arthritis such as joint pain. Eucalyptus contains tannins; a chemical substance that significantly reduces swelling and resultant pain among people affected by arthritis symptoms. For effective results on swollen joints, the herb can be used in combination with heat pads.

Foods That Fight Arthritis Pain


To enhance a smooth running of personal daily activities, ensure you maintain a sound emotional, physical and mental state. Physical complications can significantly complicate one’s life in one or many ways. With the rising medical cost, it is preferable to shift to the use of natural ways such exercise and healthy dieting to maintain a good health state. Herbs are known to have limited or no negative side effects if they are used appropriately.

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