5 Reasons To Exercise And How It Eliminates Toxins

Exercise for your health

Exercise is so important to living a green and healthy lifestyle. Overload of toxins are a major cause of disease, exercising and movement reduces stress and increases the elimination process. This is the way nature intended for our bodies to reduce toxins and to ensure good health. There are many types and forms of exercise, all have health benefits, you need to find the right type of exercise to fit your personal needs. Staying healthy is a journey that we need to take each and everyday, make sure you are including exercise in your daily routine.

The Major Health Benefits of Exercises

1.  Increases oxygen to the cells that is needed for life.  Oxygen rich body is also an alkaline body.  Viruses, cancers, and disease cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment.

2. Movement of Lymph Fluid that is vital in the elimination process. Removing toxins from our bodies that will cause havoc and disease.

3. Stimulation of cells. Every cell produces toxic waste and needs stimulation to remove toxin so they can stay healthy, and thrive in a normal way. If toxic waste is not removed cells become abnormal and will degenerate, slowly die or begin to grow out of control. This can lead to cancer, or degeneration of vital organs.

4. Opening of channels. Electromagnetic energy flows through our body channels just like blood flows through our veins.  This energy gives life and vitality to the cells and if this energy is suppressed our immune systems become weak, making the body acidic, and is now open for disease and illness.

5. Releasing of tension and stress. Stress is a silent killer, there is no doubt!  Stress is holding onto negative energy that cause turmoil throughout the body.  Muscles become tight and the an acidic environment forms inside your body allowing disease to invade and destroy our health. Headaches, muscle aches, suppressed immune system, cardiovascular disease, poor sleep, type II diabetes, depression, arthritis, and so much more.

7 Types Of Exercise:

1. Slow rhythmic movement exercise: This is mainly walking.Walking for your health is probably one of the most important forms of exercise you can do.  Our bodies our designed to walk for long distances, and for long periods of time. In  America people walk an average of 1/10 of a mile per day, although in varies in different regions. For example New Yorker’s tend to walk more than many other geographic regions of the US.  In many other countries including European countries people walk an average of 8-10 miles per day.  Come on America start walking!

  • Walking benefits your lymph system by helping to rid toxins in your body, when we have a lack of walking the body’s elimination channels become slow and sluggish.
  • The body is moving, the energy is flowing through the meridians, and you are grounding your feet to the earth, allowing the earth energy to flow through your body while it energizes your cells.
  • You are also actually looking out and externalizing through your eyes at far away distances, which increase energy in your body and has a profound effect on your state of mind and happiness factor. The bottom line is you feel better about yourself, your life, and all those around you.

Tai Chi is also a great rhythmic flowing movement exercise that relieves stress, increases energy flow, increases flexibility and strength, and promotes health and well-being! I love this form of exercise and practice it regularly. For more information check out Tai Chi Meditation in Motion.

2. Stretching:  Your body muscle, tendons, and ligaments all need constant stretching to ensure the positive energy and toxins are not accumulating. Lack of flexibility allows negative energy and build up of toxicity in our bodies which leads to disease.

3. Resistance Exercise: The most common form of resistance exercise is weight lifting which is a form of movement where resistance is put against a muscle.


  •  Weight training can increase the size and strength of muscle and reshape you, making you look good.
  • Any form of exercise is better than none.


  • Unfortunately, it usually only works with muscles that are seen and does not address the majority of muscles that have no aesthetic value and does not help to strengthen ligaments and tendons.
  • This can cause a problem of imbalance, where some muscle are strong an abnormally large and others are weak.
  • Weight training does not increase flexibility and can actually reduce flexibility which is important for proper energy flow.

Resistance exercise is best if used with other forms of exercise for better health.

4.  Postures: The most common posture exercise is Yoga. There are many forms of yoga and some are not posture based but are fluid and movement oriented. The benefits of posture yoga:

  • Open up the natural energy of channels
  • Stimulates the internal organs

5. Aerobic Exercise: Aerobic actually means “with air” Any form of exercise where you are breathing heavily but can still have a conversation is aerobic exercise.

  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Oxygenates the body
  • Speeds up the elimination process of toxins
  • Burns fat and improves mood
  • Strengthen the heart and lungs
  • Reduces risk of diabetes

6. Anaerobic exercise: Anaerobic actually means “without air” and any form of exercise that you are breathing so hard that you can barely talk is anaerobic. Anaerobic is normally not recommended for beginners or anyone with any joint problems, or serous health concerns, but is great for weight management and athletes.

  • It gives tremendous stimulation to your entire system because you are actually putting every cell of the body at risk because of the lack of oxygen and it stimulates in survival mode.
  • It can be very helpful in reprogramming the body and allowing your body to increase its elimination of toxins and stop any cellular activity that was abnormal.

7.  Cellular exercise:  The best and most common is something called “rebounding” which is a mini trampoline that you jump on. It can be fun and has many health benefits.

  • Every cell in the body is positively affected.
  • Strengthen and stimulates every cell of the body.
  • Increases the movement of the lymph system and improves the immune system
  • Stimulates elimination of toxins
  • Reduces stress and relaxation from the rhythmic up and down movement. The swinging motion mimics the motion in  your mother’s womb which can provide immediate relaxation.

Removing toxins effectively and efficiently is so important. We accumulate toxins from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, personal care products that we use on our bodies. It is so important that we exercise regularly, get plenty of good quality sleep every night, eat properly which means no processed foods, eating locally and organically, use truly natural and organic personal care and cosmetics products. Keeping our body’s healthy and our family’s healthy is an important road to travel. This is not always an easy road to travel, it can be filled with many bumps, turns and twists. I promise you it is well worth the bumps because you have accomplished something that no amount of money can and that is “Wealth of Health”!

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    1. Thank Marci I feel honored that you are featuring my article. Glad you liked my article. Exercise is so important for a healthy lifestyle. Have a wonderful healthy day.

    1. Thanks Joyce – glad you liked my article and for sharing it. Exercise is so important to maintain a healthy body. Have a wonderful healthy day!

  3. This is a wonderfully comprehensive and informative post! As someone who is often found working on a computer, I always need to be reminded about the importance of regular exercise. I believe so strongly in these words that I may actually make a sign and post it on my refrigerator or bulletin board: “We accumulate toxins from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, personal care products that we use on our bodies. It is so important that we exercise regularly, get plenty of good quality sleep every night, eat properly which means no processed foods, eating locally and organically, use truly natural and organic personal care and cosmetics products.” Amen! Thank you so much for sharing this vital information with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural hop! I sincerely appreciate it!

    1. Right with you Deborah! I also have to remember to do regular exercise and when I forgot for a few days I can see the difference in how I feel so I know my body is sending me a message to exercise. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Loretta Mitchell

    Another great article Marla. Very useful information. Will definitely be using some of your tips myself.

    1. Thanks Loretta, so glad you found my article useful. I always try my best to provide what I feel will be important and essential tips for healthy and green living. Marla

  6. Lovely article! I love how clearly you explained it, you hit the basics which is the understanding needed. I teach woman about their body connection and feminine health and often others are so confused by all the information out there, a challenge for someone to discern. I recently published a book on feminine health, The Lotus Project, the art of being a woman, alluring wellbeing and beauty through green living. I offered information easily to help woman understand the basics. I am a big proponent of enjoyable flowing movement for woman to get them out of adrenaline. You shared very well!!

    1. Hi Lyn,
      Thanks so much for your compliments and I am glad you approved of my article. I will check out your book its sounds very interesting. Adrenaline dysfunction is such a big problem today with all the stress in our lives and exercise can be a major competent in eliminating stress. Thank you again!

  7. Chris Westerman

    Weight training also is great for the cardiovascular system, burns alot of fat, and improves mood, and increases self-esteem.

    1. Yes I agree! Thanks for reading my article. Exercise is so good for you physically and emotionally – whatever type of exercise might fit your lifestyle!

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