5 Reasons to Support Eco-Friendly House Removal

Pollution from carbon dioxide – or CO2 – is not just bad for the environment. It’s bad for human health too.

That’s one reason why “going green” as a lifestyle choice has become so popular amongst so many people today.

Sadly, carbon emissions are a necessary part of moving home. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it.

Let’s face it. Moving house can be very time-consuming. Especially in a world where we’re working long hours, looking after the kids, dealing with exchanging contracts, legal fees, estate agents and the like.

So it’s easy to feel like making your move eco-friendly is a bit of a luxury. But there are some simple ways to move in a greener way, and this article reveals 5 reasons why you should.


1. Help fight global warming

As global warming becomes more and more of a mainstream concern, more of us are looking at ways we can combat it. Most climate scientists say that CO2 is a major contributor towards the greenhouse effect that is making the Earth’s climate rise. Of course, this is bad for the environment and for farming.

Along with meat farming, vehicle engines are a major CO2 producer worldwide. So as well as choosing to eat less red meat and recycle more, it’s a good idea to choose removal companies that use more fuel-efficient vehicles. Greater fuel efficiency means lower CO2 emissions.

Some removal firms even use vehicles that run on green fuel. But these are still rare, so there are other things you can do too, such as insulating and using eco-friendly home design, and cleaning with green and basic natural cleaners.

2. Improve your health

Actually, it’s not just your health, but everyone’s that will improve when carbon emissions are reduced. CO2 has been linked to breathing problems and worse, so the less of it in the air, the better.

3. Save money

With most of us being time poor – and many struggling with household bills and other expenses – we don’t want to spend too much when we move. Using a reputable comparison website such as  buzzmove to compare removal companies means you can see who is eco-friendly and who isn’t. Plus, comparing companies in one place means you can avoid being overcharged for your move.

4. Emit less CO2

There are now a host of ways to reduce carbon emissions around your move. For example, for a large move, it’s still common for a removal firm to visit your house to assess the move and give a quote. But today you can do the same on your smartphone.

A removal company calls you, you shows them around your place using the camera on your phone, and they can record the video and price up the job. This saves them from having to visit you in your home, and it saves the planet by also cutting down on the carbon emissions of those visits. Now that’s a win-win!

5. Choose an eco-friendly removal company

There are many ways that removal companies can be more eco-friendly. They can recycle more. They can use more efficient vehicles that emit less CO2. But many of them also plant trees to offset the carbon they emit in the year.

One way to check is by reviewing carbon neutral removals sites like this, which shows UK removal companies who have planted trees to offset their emissions. Or if you live in the US check out a top notch moving company that will take care of all your moving needs and keep the environment cleaner. 


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