5 Simple Tips to Staying Healthy Through The Holidays

Let’s celebrates the holidays with healthy, organic and green choices, keep the stress balanced,  but make sure we enjoy the festivities .  You have hundreds of different food to choose from and many are not healthy.  Don’t let guilt become an issue and stress you out.  It’s okay – we need to enjoy ourselves but just keep things in balance.  Just keep your surrounding as chemical free and healthy as possible.  Balance in our stress levels and physical well-being is vital in our lives.

You need to remember being healthy is about embracing and enhancing every aspect of your life.  Stressing and worrying constantly whether you are eating the wrong foods and using the right products can cause negative emotions which will actually negatively affect your health.  Sometimes we just need to use our own common sense and follow our instincts.

Staying Healthy

5 Simple tips That Can Help you keep your Holidays Healthy & Green:

1. Always try to eat organic and local harvest:

  • Avoid pesticides, harmful chemicals such as food additives, preservatives, artificial food dyes.  no GMO’s . Make sure your food is toxic free as possible.
  • Of course you want to enjoy your holiday’s celebrations and even the most health conscious people will cheat and enjoy a few forbidden foods; such as that yummy coconut cream pie that looks so delicious. Make sure you don’t go crazy and go into a sugar craving attack, but a few deserts at any holiday will not hurt you. Your body can handle it without taking it out of balance.

2. Add Spice to your holiday life:

  •  Spices are good for your health, fight disease , cancer, add nutritional value and are just plain good for you. There are amazing health benefits  to spices such as  ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, garlic, turmeric, and they can add  many flavors to your food.  So enjoy the taste knowing that you are helping your body fight disease and keeping balance in your life.

3. Laugh and make sure you always take time to relax and enjoy yourself:

  • Stress kills my friends! So stop worrying about all those little things and you will be surprised on how much quality it can add to your life. Listen to Christmas music and take time to take long deep breaths.

4. Don’t forgot about your vitamins, supplements and exercise routine:

  • If you are taking vitamins or supplements to enhance your health – it is especially important that you remember to take them during stressful times such as holidays.
  • You might even want to add a detox remedy to help clean out the extra toxins you might accumulate from the holidays.
  • Through the holidays there are always many extra activities and chores to do, but make sure you take the time to do your regular exercise routine. Exercise helps reduce stress therefore your are keeping your body and mind in balance.

5. Stay green and healthy: 

  • Make sure your surrounding and celebrations are toxic free. Keep your body healthy.
  • If you celebrate by burning candles make sure they are toxic free such as soy candles. Try using spices and essential oils and create your own fragrance
Some great method of scenting your home in a green and healthy way (without toxic chemicals) that I love is:
  • Take an old jelly jar or any type small jar with a screw lid,   fill it halfway with baking soda, add your favorite essential oil – put enough in so that it is has a pasty texture.
  • And then punch holes on top of the lid — your can make a nice design or just do as many holes as you like.
  • Try your spice of choice cinnamon, cloves, ginger, allspice, almond – on your stove fill a pot or saucepan halfway with water to bring the water to a boil — then turn the heat down to a simmer so it is not longer boiling and add your favorite spices. This will give you a lasting scent.

My favorite essential oil is peppermint but you can use lavender, rose, spearmint, whatever is your heart’s desire and put them in every room of your house. It gives a heavenly, healthy, non-toxic scent.

 I would just like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Remember the true spirit of  Christmas is enjoying time with your family and friends and  sharing love and laughter.  So stay healthy, eat organic, live Green, but most of all  “Enjoy” yourself and keep you life in balance for you and your family.

 Quote of the Day: “Peace on earth will come to stay, When we live Christmas every day”.  ~ Helen Steiner Rice

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  1. Thanks Marla for 5 simple tips to staying healthy through the holidays. I saw it at Real Food Friday. Especially love tip number 5 about a Green DIY project to use as a room freshener. I’ll post it on Pinterest and wherever else I have the time to do. This season is sure a busy one for me, but I always have time to read your informative blogs. Happy Holidays! Nancy A. @ obloggernewbie.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Thanks for reading my article and commenting and sharing it. Have a healthy happy blessed Christmas and holiday season. Marla

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