5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day All Year Long

Earth dayCelebrating Earth Day is something we should all be celebrating every day of the year.  Taking care of our home and ensuring that we are practicing earth friendly methods and making sure we are living green in all aspects of our lives is extremely important for the future of our planet. Practicing eco-friendly, sustainable ways in everything we do with one major purpose and that is for the health of our environment and our own health.


Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Everyday!

1. Think and live organic. Many people go organic when buying foods but many harmful chemicals can found in a broad spectrum or products such as cosmetics, skin care and beauty care products, pet foods, clothing and more. Make organic a lifestyle.

2. Be a Smart Shopper. Don’t be taken by “greenwashing” or misleading marketing that falsely promotes products as sustainable. Let’s face we can’t believe what we see on labels.  Know your stuff, be wary of products using vague terms such as “all-natural” or “friendly to the environment” without any specifics to back it up. Look for a seal indicating that the product has been certified green by a reputable third-party, and then check certifier to make sure that the product has been given the seal of approval.

3. Swap Up Green.  When you restocking your plastic wrap, tin foil, or any unfriendly earth product try glass washable food storage containers or use glass jars that you have bought product in. I store most of my leftovers in recycled glass jars that I use over and over again. It healthier than plastic, no danger of toxic BPA (check out this link with valuable information on health risks of BPA), and economical too.

4. Clean Green. Whether it is cleaning your laundry or your house make sure it is green cleaning. When buying cleaning products make that they have the Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment label or try making your own DIY cleaning products that will save you money and clean green. I use baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, lemons, and some essential oils.  Beware of chemically scented products!

Check out some DIY recipes that are earth friendly, healthy, and economical.

5. Use alternative methods for health and healing. Using natural alternative healing s not only good for the environment but so much healthier for our bodies. Not synthetic toxic chemicals that can cause dangerous side effects or even death.  Using herbal and alternative healing can benefit the whole world.

In an age where cancer rates are rising incredibly fast, the need for alternative treatments is becoming even more prominent. Research is being put into a number of different avenues with one supporting Dr. Marty Pagel, PhD, from the University of Arizona Cancer Center, who will test the effects of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) on breast cancer patients. He is receiving a $ 2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to find to perform the study. Please read the rest of this eye-opening article from the Sleuth Journal about the amazing healing powers of lemons and baking soda.

 Whether we make big change or small ones they all count and show our love for our planet. I feel it is our duty to take care our planet in every way we can – it is the only home we have. Mother Earth was a gift from God that we need to nurture and take care of for our children and all future generations. What are doing to help our environment?







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Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I believe in living green, organically, and natural in every aspect of our lives. My mission is to help educate you on how to live green, help save our environment and to help you and your family live a happier, healthier life!

17 thoughts on “5 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day All Year Long!”

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  2. I have been using green cleaners and re-usable products for years now and it feels great! Natural products really do work and essential oils can make things smell heavenly (much better than chemicals). Thanks for sharing on the HomeAcre hop. Feel free to stop by on Thursday and share another great post!

    1. Thanks for hosting Home Acre Blog Hop. I always love reading the interesting posts on your blog hop. Thanks for reading my article and commenting. Have a healthy day! Marla

  3. Hi Marla,
    Happy Earthy Day! Your every day green actions are so inspiring! I find that one small step at a time adds up to make a big impact! On a daily basis, I reuse and recycle as much as possible; buy organic; shop locally; carry recycled shopping totes; choose eco friendly products as much as possible; replaced toxic personal care and cleaning products with simple, natural, homemade products; I walk or bike as much as possible instead of using the car. Like you, I am adding new green actions to my lifestyle regularly! I sincerely appreciate your support for the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog! Your contributions are so valuable to so many! Thanks for partying with us!

    1. Hi Deb,
      I love being part of Healthy Happy Green & Natural Blog Hop. Great information! We all can make an impact if we just do little things every day to help make our environment healthier and safer for everyone. Have a happy healthy & green day. Marla

  4. I’m trying to do more of these items because they really help us take care of our bodies as well! Thanks for sharing your post at the Healthy Tuesday hop. 🙂

  5. Hi Marla,
    Love all these tips and we need reminders all the time to stick to them. Go green! Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Robyn,
      You certainly are right we all need to be reminded to live green and natural. Hope you have a wonderful healthy weekend!

  6. Carie Spence

    Love this, we do almost all of these things in our household as well. I drive my husband crazy saving every container I can to reuse for food storage and leftovers.

    1. Hi Carie, That is so good to hear. Reusing and recycled is such an important factor in conserving our planet and is so economical too. Have a healthy happy weekend! Marla

  7. I totally agree that we should not just go organic when buying the food we put into our bodies but that we should also buy organic when shopping for products that we put on our bodies since the skin is the largest organ. Thank you for an informative article and an eye-opening link about the powers of bicarbonate of soda.

    1. Hi Almasi,
      You are quite welcome and I too was quite intrigued by the article on bicarbonate soda and really wanted to share this valuable info. Have a wonderful healthy day. Marla

  8. Good post with good information. We can all improve and become deeper shades of green in our lives. There are plenty of safe and natural alternatives to toxic ingredients that we all can choose instead.

    1. Thanks Rebecca, I agree with you totally. Have a wonderful healthy chemical free week. Go green and natural! Marla

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