5 Ways to Get Eco-Friendly at Home without Sacrificing Design

Eco-friendly home

People are more environmentally conscious today than ever before. We are seeking ways to furnish our homes with environmentally friendly furniture and decor items, and green interior design is becoming increasingly popular.

Check out some of these simple ways to go green at home today:

1.Eco-Friendly Paint

Looking to update a room with a pop of color? Several brands and hues of eco-friendly interior paints are now available with durable options made from quality materials. These eco-friendly paints are free of the solvents, odors and chemicals used in conventional paints. Allow your color selections to set the stage for the color palette throughout your home.

2. Decorating with Live Plants

Another easy way to go green and stay stylish in your home is to use real plants. Incorporate live plants into your design not just for aesthetics, but also to help filter the air and remove any harmful chemicals. Some low-maintenance plants that are known for improving air quality are bamboo shoots, Gerber daisies and peace lilies. Place a few potted plants around your home and create centerpieces with fresh flowers and plants to liven up the room. Make sure to add at least one plant to the bedrooms to maintain fresh air while you sleep. Check out how indoor plants can help clean you home’s air quality!

3. Update the Lighting

Update the lighting in your home and do both the planet and your design a favor. Switch your light bulbs over to either CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) or LEDs (light emitting diodes). These energy-efficient options save considerable energy, last longer than traditional light bulbs, and produce less heat which makes them safer for long-time use.

When disposing of your original bulbs, be mindful of their potential impact on the planet. Houzz provides a comprehensive guide to disposing light bulbs, which breaks down the different types of traditional bulbs—from incandescent to tubular fluorescent lights.

Changing out your light bulbs is a quick, easy fix that can help save money and energy in both the short term and long term.

4. Use Recycled Products

Recycled and repurposed goods have gained in popularity over the past decade, and many of the transformations are stunning. Incorporate light fixtures made from natural, reused, and recycled products such as glass, metal, plastic, felt and cloth. If you’re in the mood to get crafty, be inspired by the Recycled Backyard ideas on Pinterest. The DIY Network is also full of clever ways to repurpose old furniture—from refinishing a dresser, to creating a coffee table out of something completely unexpected.

5. Find the Right Coverings for Your Windows

A simple and beautiful way to update a room with the planet in mind is through drapery, blinds and shades. The Shade Store offers several options to go with any style. Their wood blinds are available in a variety of finishes that are made from renewable sources. Solar blind options help reduce glare and offer protection against UV rays, and the cellular blinds work to insulate the home and block heat.

Make design decisions in your home that add to your style but also help improve your home’s carbon footprint. With so many options now available on the market, it’s now easier than ever to be green at home. This planet is the only home we have so we need to preserve it and live green in every aspect of our lives to ensure a safe and healthy future for our children. Whatever changes you make in your decor make sure it is done the green and healthy way!




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  1. Heidi (@PintSizeFarm)

    Updating the lighting is such a simple thing – I am so surprised that more people don’t do it! Thanks for the submission

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