5 Ways to Prevent the Metabolic Rate From Slowing Down

The significant of a boosted metabolism especially when it comes to weight loss is not hidden. The first thing that the diet specialists suggest to a certain person is going for things or eating things and doing certain exercises that will help them boost their metabolism in order to speed up the weight loss process.

Metabolism, isn’t something simple. There are so many factors that influence your metabolic speed. To sum things up a bit, a boosted or fast rate of metabolism means burning of more calories along with having a good amount of energy to perform the daily life functions and so much more.

How to Prevent your Metabolic Rate from slowing down:

Slow metabolism is always an alarming sign and not many people are able to detect the issue. People who tend to feel drained or low on energy or the people who despite eating controlled and exercising are very slow with the weight loss process, don’t usually realize that its the metabolic rate in their body that is becoming drowsy until consulted with a fitness expert or a doctor. Of course, the reasons of a slow metabolism can be many. But below have been listed some ways in which you can ‘’prevent’’ rather than cure your metabolic rate from slowing down because as they always say, ‘’prevention is easier than cure’’.

NOTE: If there are any hormonal or medical reasons due to which the metabolism is showing a slow rate, the doctor must be consulted instead of relying on the given prevention measures.

1. Don’t skip on fiber.

Healthy fiber like in the form of apples, tend to make one feel so much fuller in just a minor amount of calories. Always know that starving yourself or keeping yourself way away from food all day long can be one reason why your metabolism can become slow so DO NOT do it. Clinical studies have came up with a conclusion that sia seeds are the best source of fiber and therefore must be consumed as they, after absorbing the water in your stomach, show an increase in their size and thus make you feel like you’ve eaten a lot even when you haven’t.

2. Don’t forget your breakfast.

Well, people skip breakfast for two reasons. Either they think they can cut on their calories by skipping breakfast or they are too busy and leave to early for their work that they do not have the time to eat a good and healthy breakfast. Breakfast should be the most healthiest diet of the day and should be rich in protein. Check out these nutrition and tasty recipes for a healthy start for your day. Experts say that the breakfast works as a fuel for the metabolic system to kick start its work for the day.

3. Go for strength training.

So many people might not be aware with this fact that the more the muscle mass is present in an individual’s body, the more the calories that specific person burns even on being at rest. The key to chornical elevation in metabolism is through strength training.

Experts suggest not to spend all the time that you spend hitting the gym on a treadmill or on elliptical. Instead, go for activities like weight lifting and strength training to tone your body along with making your metabolism work faster.

4. Don’t forget naps.

“Appropriate measures of rest are essential so as to control digestion. In the event that you are restless, fat cells and glucose are not consumed as they normally would be and it can prompt weight gain and insulin obstruction which eventually prompts diabetes,” Ashe clarifies.

This explains the importance of going for naps when you feel low on energy level or drained in any portion of your day. Moreover, be sure to adjust your sleeping cycle properly as well. Don’t become sleep drained or over-sleep. Take the proper hours of sleep and rest.

5. Don’t starve yourself but eat in small portions.

Starvation is very dangerous for the body. You might think you are tricking the body by not eating at all but you must realize that the body needs the proper intake of food and calories otherwise it starts up some processes that can prove to be dangerous for the body in order to complete its need of calories. So the body will continue doing its job but you will likely feel sick or highly drained on energy level. It is suggested to eat every 4 to 5 hours in small chunks. However, be sure to go for healthy snacks. Don’t stuff yourself with things like packet chips or biscuits etc.

BMR or Basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories that one burns being at rest and not engaging oneself in any physical activity. The calculator aims at calculating how many calories on burns being at rest. BMR is influenced by a number of different factor and can vary from person to person. The BMR calculator helps you know the amount of calories you need per day to maintain a healthy lifestyle keeping in view the amount of calories that you burn being at rest (BMR).
Below is the basic interface of the calculator.

All the information that the calculator requires to calculate the value are the factors that influence the BMI. The information required includes your gender, age, height and weight along with how active you are. Because the more active you are, the more calories you burn during your resting time. You can find this calculator at calculators.tech.

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