6 Beautiful Plants That Keep Away Mosquitoes

We all love the summer relaxing outdoors, but mosquitoes can be a nuisance. They’re not just annoying, they can be a serious health concern. As they fly around looking for a target to suck blood from they carry a bunch of diseases like zika and malaria.

plants that keep mosquitoes away

You may think ‘not a problem’ I can just spray chemical insect repellent over on the family. However, this comes with added health concerns too. That is why we’re here to enlighten you on the natural ways to repel those little disease ridden pests!

The following 6 plants can be included in your garden to give you a mosquito-free outdoor space:


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The smell of lavender is famous for bringing on a relaxing and calming mood. Whereas to mosquitoes this is their worst enemy and will keep them well away.

Lavender is best planted outdoors but close to windows and doors. Think of them as colourful, aromatic guardians of your home. No pesky mosquitoes will get past lavender.


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The plants’ official name is the citrosum plant and is labelled ‘the mosquito plant’. This plant has the fragrance of citronella and can be crushed and rubbed into the skin for maximum mosquito protection.

Although it may not be as effective as your bottled chemical repellent, it is still an effective natural option.
Citronella can grow 5 to 6 foot tall and be planted in soil or pots. A piece of advice with this plant is that it is best to plant it an area that gets plenty of sun.


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Marigolds have more in common with chemical insect repellent than you think. They contain Pyrethrum that is used in most insect repellents. One study looked at the repellent action of essential oils found in marigolds and how they compared to the common chemical repellant called DEET. The study highlighted that 50% marigold essential oils had a protection time of 2.15 hours which is less than the protection time of DEET (6.23 hours). Still, not bad considering it’s all natural.

Top Tip: Plant and place marigolds near doors and windows to deter mosquitoes from entering your home.


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The lemon scented type of geranium is the strongest contender for repelling mosquitoes similarly to citronella and lemongrass. Geraniums also have a stunning bloom and they prefer sunny and dry weather. Although you can still grow them in cold weather if they are in planters and pruned regularly.


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Most commonly used in cooking dishes this plant is also an excellent insect repellent. This plant can be kept indoors or outdoors as long as it gets plenty of sunlight.

If you’re using this plant as a repellent – both the live plant and cuttings are effective for repelling mosquitoes.
Top Tip: Rosemary is also perfect for when you’re relaxing around a fire. You can throw some in the fire and the incense will keep the little flying pests away (plus it gives off an amazing smell).


Finally, we have the ultimate bug repellent AKA ‘the pennyroyal’. This is great for repelling all different types of bugs, but especially mosquitoes.

Keeping Pennyroyal in your garden will keep those pests away from your property. However, if you place this plant in a room, it has the potential to kill any mosquitoes that enter (maximum protection).

Another trick you can use with this plant is to keep crushed stems in your pocket. If you’re prone getting mosquito bites this is particularly useful and guarantees to keep mosquitoes away.

Thinking of updating your home and garden with new flowers? Take a look at the A – Z Flower Directory (How Long Do Flowers Last) for inspiration and every detail you need to know about flowers.

Do you have type tips or suggestions that help get rid of mosquitoes? Please share them in the comment section!!

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  1. Marla, I love this natural approach to deterring mosquitoes. If there are 10 people in a room, the mosquitoes always find there way to me! We keep our home open as much as possible, but I’ll have to buy a few of these plants and put them near our doors. Thanks for yet another great article. Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy,
      I am the same way bugs seem to like my blood. My husband and me can be outside and he will not have one bug bite but I will covered with them. Glad you liked the article and found my article helpful. Have a healthy, happy & blessed summer without all the bug bites.

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