6 Easy And Natural Remedies To Improve Your Blood Circulation

natural remedies for blood circulation

Blood circulation is an aspect of health that must not be toyed with. Blood circulation is what makes it possible for oxygen and nutrients to move properly around the body.

It is also vital for keeping the organs in the body functioning properly. Needless to say, if anything goes wrong with one’s blood circulation, the results could be disastrous.

There are many ways to improve blood circulation, from eating certain foods to doctors’ appointments.

Thankfully, there are some simple things you can do from the comfort of your home to promote blood circulation such as the following steps:

1. Exercise:

yoga exercise

No one can deny the benefits of exercise. From strengthening the joints to regulating weight, exercise certainly does the body good.

Exercise also helps in promoting blood circulation. When we exercise, we move our bodies, our heart rate increases and as a result, blood is pumped faster and circulates around the body.

A lack of exercise does the exact opposite and if an individual does not exercise at all over a very long period of time, their blood circulation could negatively be affected.

All exercises from swimming to running promote good blood circulation so take up an exercise you enjoy and engage in it regularly.

2. Use coconut oil: 

natural remedies coconut oil

Coconut has many uses from skin therapy to cooking. It is also a natural way to promote blood circulation.

The way it does this is by reducing inflammation in the blood vessels. When the blood vessels are inflamed, they shrink and less blood is able to pass through.

Coconut oil contains triglycerides that reduce inflammation of the blood vessels.

It is recommended that an individual consumes 2-3 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil every day to promote blood circulation.

3. Get regular massages:

massage a natural remedy

Massages promote blood circulation in a similar way to that of exercise.

When the body is massaged, blood is pushed from the congested areas and forced to circulate. The blood vessels are stimulated when the body is massaged and as such, circulate blood faster.

Think if this as a way of kick-starting the blood vessels, Regular massages with oil are very beneficial to an individual seeking to improve blood circulation.

4. Drink water:

water for blood circulation

It is impossible for the body to function without water as it helps every part of the body run more efficiently.

Blood circulation is severely affected when a person is dehydrated. To avoid this, drink between 6-8 glasses of water a day to promote healthy blood circulation.

5. Watch your sleeping position:

watch sleeping position for good blood circulation

We spend between 6-8 hours of the day sleeping and these hours have a great influence on our overall health.

Many people make the mistake of sleeping in positions that are bad for circulation. This includes sleeping with no neck support, Sleeping with too much pressure on their limbs and not moving at all during the night.

These positions tend to cut off blood supply to certain parts of the body and slow down blood circulation. Instead of doing this, it is recommended that an individual sleep with a pillow supporting their head and neck, with their limbs properly supported and changing positions every few hours.

This will make sure that even when asleep, blood circulation is guaranteed. Orthopedic beds are often recommended as they support circulation.

6. Avoid alcohol and smoking:

avoid alcohol for good blood circulation


Excessive alcohol intake is one of the leading causes of heart disease. Heart disease adversely affects blood circulation and is also a leading cause of death.

If you do consume alcohol, it is recommended that you limit your servings to 2-3 a day at most. Excessive drinking will not only harm your blood circulation but your overall health.

Cigarettes also harm blood circulation by releasing Carbon Monoxide into the body. This Carbon Monoxide damages the layer of cells in the bloodstream that ensures the smooth passage of blood. Blood circulation is slowed down as a result.

Instead of cigarettes, consider using e-cigarettes or vapes. Companies such as Liquido24 sell them and they are a safer alternative to cigarettes.

Blood circulation is literally what keeps our bodies going and must be treated with all seriousness.

To prevent or combat any circulatory problems, follow the above steps and keep your blood circulation health.

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