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Today my friends I would like to discuss foods that are harmful to your skin and are the worst foods for your healthy skin. These foods could be causing you skin problems and  other health issues. So just sit back, take a deep breathe and listen-Oh by the way! Please, Don’t put eat that potato chip in that you have in your hand!

1. Fried Greasy Foods & Trans-Fats:

It is known that grease and fats can damage skin’s free radicals that can lead to premature aging. This could contribute to trapping bacteria under the skin and lead to an excess build up causing a potential breakout and making your skin look unhealthy. According to the book by Doris J. Day and Sondra Forsyth,”Forget the Facelift: Turn Back the Clock with a Revolutionary Program for Ageless Skin,” fried foods are one of the worst for the health of your skin.  You should definitely limit the fried foods, fast foods, potato chips, or and other fried snack to heal damaged skin and bring back your natural glow.

2. Dehydrating & Salty Foods:

Moisture is a key element to healthy skin and our body needs a certain amount of sodium to stay healthy. Our internal organs metabolize most of the water we drink before it reaches our skin. This why staying away or limiting foods that dehydrate and are high in salt, is critical for healthy skin,  such as alcohol, caffeine, salty snacks such as potato chips and crackers, deli meats, or high sodium canned foods and frozen dinners. It is also recommended to drink plenty of water, to hydrate your skin, to flush excess salt and to help eliminate environmental toxins.

3. High Glycemic & Sugary Foods:

Foods such as white bread and too many sweets such soda, cookies, and candies effect your weight, can contribute to diabetes, and lead to inflammation. All this can cause your skin to look unhealthy, dull, and cause break outs. An Australian study published in the American journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that a low glycemic diet actually reduced acne by 50%. Other studies have also linked blood-sugar problems to acne which can be caused by too much sugar and a high glycemic foods. Try eating whole wheat bread and high fiber fruits and vegetables.

4. Not Enough Fats:

 Yes you should stay away from “Bad Fats” but good ones will help you support a healthy body which will in turn be healthy skin. According to The National Institute of Health, fat is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. Good fats that are unsaturated such as olive oil, and fish should be in your diet regularly.

5. Diary & Meat:

Some studies have shown that cutting milk products and red meats from their diet improves some individual skin. One important thing to remember is that you do need many of the important vitamins and minerals that are in these foods so make sure you speak with your health care provider about how to replace these essential vitamins and minerals.

6. Food Intolerances:

It is possible that you could be allergic to some types of foods such as nuts, dairy, gluten products and your body is reacting by showing up on your skin. Allergic reactions such as pigmentation problems, rashes, or possibly eczema. Try cutting back on these foods and see if there is any change or if the problem is persistent consider getting tested for food sensitivities.

I hope this information I have provided to you will be helpful and remember if you want your skin to look healthy and glowing, a healthy and balanced nutrition is essential.  It is my recommendation that you eat Organic or local harvest foods as much as possible. It is also important to isolate foods that your body is intolerance to because they can cause your skin to look dull and lifeless or more serious problems. In the book written by Allison Tannis her philosophy is “Feed Your Skin, Starve Your Wrinkles,” which I feel is a good theme to live by for healthy skin. Remember you are what you Eat!

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