6 Ways to Fight Back Against Climate Change

Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing the world today. However, you can still make a difference in your own small way by changing some of your habits and spreading the word about the cause. Here are just six steps to take if you’re ready to put up your dukes against climate change.

1. Educate Yourself

There are a lot of skeptics out there, so you’ll need to know exactly what you’re talking about when you discuss climate change. The good news is that you don’t need to have a science degree to understand the basics. All you have to do is read about things like melting ice caps and the link between climate change and public health; then you’ll be prepared with factual, detailed answers when someone asks a question.

2. Use Less Energy Around the House

The next time that you need a new appliance, buy one with an Energy Star label. The next time that you feel a chill, pull on a sweater instead of cranking up the heat. Household goods can generate a startling amount of pollution, so it’s worth the effort of cutting back and reducing your carbon footprint. This is especially true if you tend to waste energy by leaving lights on or televisions running. Think of all the energy that you could save by being a bit more careful!

3. Contact Your Local Politicians

Politicians don’t like to do anything without public support, so if you want to start making real changes around your community, you’ll need to lend your voice to the cause. Call, write or email your representatives and let them know that you care about global warming and its possible consequences. If you can, get others in the neighborhood to do the same. A crowd is better than an individual.

4. Invest in Renewable Power

renewable energy

Have you heard of wind farms? They produce clean, renewable energy, and they’re gaining popularity with environmentalists worldwide. Not every power company is able or willing to offer electricity generated by a wind farm, so don’t worry if you’re located in the wrong neighborhood for it, but keep wind farms in mind the next time that you feel like making a charitable donation somewhere.

5. Stop Wasting Water

It takes a lot of energy to heat and treat your water, so you’re not doing anyone a favor if you waste it. Look into ways that you can cut back on your water consumption around the house. For example, you might take shorter showers, fix leaky pipes or install new aerators on your faucets. Every little bit helps, so make as many small changes as you can.

6. Spread the Word

Ignorance is one of the worst devils in the war against climate change. Many people don’t realize how serious it is or how it’s already affecting things like sea levels and polar bears, so they don’t feel the need to do anything about it. You can change this by posting, sharing, liking and retweeting important information on environmental issues.

These are just a few ways to slow down climate change. It’s easy to feel powerless when you’re up against something that’s both gigantic and intangible, but with these tips, you can make a real difference.

Climate change is a reality and whether your believe that some of it is natural changes or all caused by man the truth is we need to conserve our natural resources and save our water, so that all future generations have a healthy planet to live on.  Earth is our home and we need to take care of it before it too late.  We all need to make changes in our daily lives and start living a greener lifestyle and protecting our environment. So make sure you do your part and start going green and practicing some of the tips above.  Good luck!

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