7 Natural Cold Sore Remedies That Really Work


lemon balm for cold soresHave you ever had a cold sore that you felt embarrassed about? When you consider the pain and discomfort cold sore cause its enough to make you run and hide. Cold sores can spread all around your mouth and nose and cause throbbing pain.  But don’t fret I have 7 natural and herbal cold sore remedies that really work and some helpful information and facts about cold sores.

Cold sore are small blisters that occur around the lips and mouth and are commonly confused with canker sores.

What is the Difference Between A Canker Sore and Cold Sore:

  • Canker sores are mouth ulcers that occur inside the soft tissue of the mouth.
  • Cold sores do occasionally develop inside the month, they are usually smaller than canker sores, and start as blisters.
  • Canker sores are not contagious.
  • Canker sores are not caused by a virus.

Some Important Facts About Cold Sores:

  • Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV).
  • You can have the virus in your body and never get a sore or you can breakout months later.
  • The virus remains in your body for the rest of your life.
  • They are contagious.
  • Usually enters the body through physical contact and a break in the skin. You can contact the virus by kissing someone who has a blister which is broken open and is weeping (watery fluid ozoning from blister) or just by touching something that the infected person has come into contact with, such as a cup, eating utensils, or towels.
  • Cold sores will last about 7-10 days without treatment, or longer.
  • You might also have a fever, cold or swollen glands around the throat or other areas of the body.  Sometimes they are referred as fever blisters.
  • Cold sores can spread to other parts of the body so it is important not to be touching your eyes or anywhere when you have a blister that is broken open. Treat it immediately and then wash your hands thoroughly!
  • Outbreaks can be caused when your immune system is comprised such as when you are over stressed, fatigued, have the flu or a cold, sunlight exposure, certain foods or other allergies, and other stressors.


stop cold sore with natural herbal remedies7 Natural Remedies:

1. Lemon Balm: This herb has antiviral and calming properties. It contains a chemical compound called “eugenol” that gives it antiviral properties and helps to numb the tissues and reduce the throbbing pain that cold sores can cause.

According to the University of Maryland and a large study with lemon balm that involved three German hospitals and one dermatology clinic showed that, when lemon balm was used to treat the primary infection of HSV I, not a single recurrence was noted. The cream has also been found to reduce the healing time of both genital and oral herpes.

2. Lysine:  An essential fatty acid used to make protein needed to produce infection-fighting antibodies.  Lysine inhibits the spread of the cold sore. You can use in topical form or as a supplement taken orally.  According to studies lysine is an effective treatment against cold sores.

3. Resihi and Astragalus:  Reishi is a traditional Chinese medicine and a type of mushroom used to boost the immune system and research has shown that its antivirial properties help to inhibit the spread of the herpes virus. A typical dose is 600mg once or twice a day.  It effects are enhanced when used in accordance with astragalus that is also known for its immune boosting properties and healing powers. This is an effective remedy for cold sores.

4. Oil of Oregano:  A wonderful healing herb known for its antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial abilities.  Oil of Oregano can be dabbed on cold sores twice a day or every few hours or when you feel the need. or it can be taken internally mixed with water.

5. Bee Propolis: This amazing wonder of nature has my vote of confident with its natural healing abilities. Propolis is a resinous substance produced by bees to seal their hives and keep germs out.  It has strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties is an active warrior against simplex type I virus. It can be used in capsules form, extracts, and ointments to stop the pain and heal the cold sore quickly. According to the University of Michigan Health System it can be used effectively for many conditions as well as cold sores.

6. Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is antiviral and antibacterial and why it is one of the ideal remedies to treat cold sores. Treat cold sores with Tea Tree oil can dramatically reduce both the duration and discomfort of a cold sore. Apply tea tree oil to the area with a cotton swab at the first sign of a tingling or itching sensation. The oil can be used at full-strength.

7. Try Organic Raw Apple cider vinegar.   Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties that will kill the bacteria and even out the pH. Apply directly to the cold sore with a clean cotton swab several times a day or as needed.

Natural and herbal remedies that treat cold sore effectively and quickly can be a wonderful alternative to over the counter solutions which many times don’t work.  Eating a healthy organic diet and keeping your immune system strong is important to controlling and avoiding out breaks of those nasty cold sores.  I have tried many of the OTC remedies through the years and have had very little success, but when I starting using natural remedies such as lysine ointment I have seen my cold sores completely disappear within a day or two. I believe that Nature knows best and that we need to utilize the natural God-given resources that are on our planet.

Live Natural, Live Green, Live Healthy, Live Long!

Other Useful Sources: https://www.curejoy.com/content/tips-to-get-rid-of-herpes-naturally/



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  5. Ouch! Oil of oregano would hurt like crazy! I have heard onguard does a great job as well as tea tree. I have got to get some lemon balm. I read a lot about that lately. Thanks so much for sharing your natural remedy on Oil me up Wednesday. I hope you will join us again this week.

    1. Hi Janine,
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  6. Hi Marla,
    Cold sores are really unattractive, so I am so happy to read these 7 natural cold sore remedies–and I plan to share them with friends. What wonderful and beneficial natural remedies you have provided here. And thanks for sharing them with us at the Happy, Healthy, Green and Natural Party Hop!

    1. Hi Deborah, Yes I hate those ugly painful cold sores. Thanks for sharing my article. I hope my remedies can help other people. Glad to be part of Happy, Green, Healthy & Natural Party Hop! Have a wonderful healthy day!

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