7 Reasons Why You Should Create Eco-Friendly Office Culture!

Going green has become a trend in the last several years, in most aspects of people’s life. Of course,companies’cultures are also taking part of the world’s eco-friendly movement. Going green is proven to be very beneficial for the planet, for your company, your team, your family, and yourself. Basically, it goes for everything that surrounds you.

After we begin talking about the advantages of creating an eco-friendly office culture let’s take a quick look at some of the things you can do to easily implement an eco-friendly company culture:

  • Implementing recycle bins all over the workplace will keep the place more organized and clean.
  • Reducing the consumption of energy by switching to eco-friendly lightning like LEDs will reduce the company’s costs.
  • Encouraging your employees to use the company’s bicycles as a mean of transportation. This reduces the transportation costs and improves the health of the employee while preserving the well-being of the environment by producing less pollution.
  • Reduce the consumption of paper by using recycled materials or even go paperless.
  • Go for non-toxic and green cleaning supplies. This will keep your office away from toxic, non-organic elements which are present in most of today’s big corporate products.


1. Going Green Saves Your Business Money

You can save a lot of money by turning your company green. Keep in mind that being eco is all about saving energy, recycling, going paperless, and about saving water. Therefore, it is obvious that an eco-friendly company is also reducing their utility costs as less electricity is consumed.

As already mentioned, using LED light bulbs that last for an average of 20 years can significantly reduce the taxes you have to pay monthly. Reusable products like bags, paper, or even food waste can be saved and later used to serve a different purpose. All in all, if you were to research further, you’ll see why and how.

2. Speeding Up the Process

Not only that going green saves you a lot of money, but it is also saving your time. This ultimately means you’ll be able to speed up a lot of operations and eventually results. Every company has its fights with time issues, but going green might just be your perfect solution.

Since your company is going paperless, just imagine how you’ll never run out of paper, sending instant emails instead of using a fax machine. Think about the time spent on removing waste, when your real purpose is not to waste anything but to recycle it. If you are looking to improve your business’ productivity, you’d better consider an eco-friendly environment.

3. Earns Credibility

Nowadays, people are doing better research before they make any decisions like buying or recommending a site or a product. So, many individuals find their comfort when a product or service is carefully introduced and explained. The benefits must always be visible, or else the impact will be weaker.

As James Bennet, the HR manager at Rush My Essay, advises, “People are not only interested in the information you provide but also on the way your business operates. If a customer finds out that you are an eco-friendly company,his interest will increase.  People find green companies more trustworthy and ethical, and that’s exactly why they’ll often choose to spend their money on them than on non-eco competitors.”

4. Provides a Healthy Workplace

The average employee spends half of his lifetime at work. Therefore, there are many professionals who acknowledge the importance of their health and eventually demand to work in a healthy workspace environment. An eco-friendly office culture can easily provide this, delivering the proper conditions for every employee that respects himself and his health.

So, it is obvious that your potential candidates will look for a healthy workplace, as it would be easier to keep a healthy mind in a healthy body, right? Health and wellness includes body, mind a spirit. Now, if you want to attract better quality candidates for your team, you should think of implementing an eco-friendly environment in the workplace immediately.

5. Improves Employees Productivity


You must be wondering how a green environment can improve an employee productivity, right? Well, a green workplace means plants all over the place, and we all know that plants are oxygenating the air and eventually our brain.

Moreover, an office that has big windows instead of tight walls will provide natural light and vitamin D, which is required for a better function of the human body.

Green companies provide daily, healthy meals so that their employees can benefit from the best nutrients that come from a healthy, fresh, cooked meal. So, with all of these being said, it is obvious how a green environment can increase the average employee’s productivity, and therefore the company’s efficiency.

6. Low on Taxes

The climate change attracts more and more attention, so many governments have implemented tax deduction programs and offered various credit options to business owners that present a green, eco-environment.

There are several ways that help you go green, like incentives from energy corporations or companies or federal tax credits also that are also meant to decrease your company’s costs. All you have to do is to verify if you are qualified for your state tax programs or for the federal ones.

7. Makes You Happier

green business

Approaching a green lifestyle at your workplace and surrounding yourself with natural light and indoor green plants will have a big effect on your happiness. Work in a pleasant and healthy environment each day and you’ll soon feel a positive effect on your state of mind and attitude.

This happiness you are experiencing may also be caused because you might be aware that you are doing something good for nature’s well-being. It is natural to feel happy when you are doing something good.


Going green could result in nothing but benefits for every company that cares to at least try. We have a moral obligation to both nature and our employees, so why not engage in such a great and constructive transition as soon as you can? Your company would thank you for it if it only knew what you’re planning…good luck!

Author Bio: Brandon Stanley is a professional independent journalist. He is interested in writing articles concerning renewable resources and green technologies. Apart from that, Brandon loves traveling and playing the piano. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter


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