7 Reasons You Need To Reduce Stress Now!

Stress is always part and parcel of our daily lives no matter how much you may try to avoid it. I have had stressful moments myself. Some were extremely terrible, I couldn’t think straight, and I was always moody. My bed was the only companion I could rely on as I spent most of the time soaking it with tears. My health deteriorated until my family intervened by consulting a psychologist. So, let me enlighten you about how stress can affect you when you don’t make an effort to control it and reduce stress in your life.

Muscle Pain

Whenever you are stressed, you will feel muscle pains and some might be too much until your motion gets impaired. To avoid such occurrences, give yourself a body massage to ease your muscles. Focus on areas that normally experience high tension such as the neck muscles. Investing in a good neck massager will improve your massage experience at home.

Sleepless Nights

Your mind is at rest when you are sleeping, because the brain chemicals involved with deep sleep can trigger the body to stop production of stress hormones. But, when you are stressed the situation becomes the opposite. Because of that, you need to ease your mind by either listening to calming music or watching your favorite movies. This can greatly reduce stress if you get enough sleep.

Low sexual Drive

Stress tends to lower sexual drive since the mind is not at peace. You will be affected regardless of how much you may try to compose yourself, especially during foreplay. According to Dr. Logan Levkoff, when stress hormone cortisol is in excess, your sexual urge is diminished. To enjoy sex, you have to lower this hormone by relaxing your mind and reducing stress.

Lack Of Focus

When your mind is very preoccupied and stressed, you tend to have less concentration. This might affect your productivity. So, before you engage in any commitment make sure you are relaxed. If you feel you can’t relax properly while working, take a break and do some exercises. Breathing techniques can be good start to your reducing stess and a new, healthy, stress free life.

Frequent Migraine

With stress, headaches never cease even if you take painkillers. These pains are due to excess tension within your brain. According to the National Headache Foundation, emotional stress is the principal cause of a migraine. To reduce migraines you must reduce stress.

Social Withdrawal

Whenever you are stressed, you will try to avoid people around you just because you don’t want them to bother you with endless questions. Yes, you might think that you have found the perfect solution to your problem but in the long run, it will eat you up, and you may develop ulcers or depression. Therefore, when you are stressed try to share it with a person you trust.

Angry Outburst

At some extreme stress levels, you are not able to control your anger and you might find yourself yelling at people around you. Within no time, people will start avoiding you. So, you have to find a way in which you can handle yourself when stressed without engaging innocent people.

The Bottom Line

It’s true you can’t avoid stress, but you can control it by identifying the cause. Can it be difficult for you to determine the exact cause of your stress? Sometimes yes, but not all the time. Therefore, deal with stress in a manner that doesn’t affect you negatively or those close to you. It is so important the you learn how stress affects your health and you learn to reduce stress.

Author Bio: Sarah is the editor of relaxeveryday. Finding aromatherapy in a stressful point in her life made all the difference to her health. She promotes a healthy and relaxed life, and want to help others in their strive for a calmer life.



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