8 Awesome Health Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water Every Day


If you are reading this article, you are probably just searching for the next best trick that will keep, both your body and mind healthy and happy! Have you investigated the health benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach? But, how about drinking coconut water every day? You have probably tried a delicious coconut by now or a delicious coconut milk along with a bowl of your favorite cereals. The question is – have you ever tried coconut water? What if we told you that you get 8 awesome health benefits from drinking that exact water along with a delicious coconut to eat? Let us ask you this – how about you read our article carefully and then you can decide if you will introduce this new habit into your everyday routine!

A few facts about coconut water:

Before we proceed with the health benefits that come with a bottle of a delicious coconut water about how it can help to improve memory, your metabolism, stay hydrated and many more benefits let us share a few facts about the coconut water!

The coconut is the only fruit whose part are all usable! Any part that you can think of the coconut you can practically use, if not for eating then for something else. For example, the leaves of the coconut are used for making brooms and baskets.

The coconut meat has a very high nutritious value. It is rich in potassium, manganese, and copper! It is also very delicious to eat, is it not?

The dried coconut meat is known as Copra!

The Copra is used to make the very famous coconut oil used commonly for cooking and also massage oils, hair oils, and soaps!

The coconut water is very famous for being a great healthy replacement for the most sports drinks. Unlike the most sports drinks, the coconut water is delicious, healthy, contains natural nutrients and it is also very low in calories. This is the exact reason why it is so commonly used as a replacement of both water and sports drinks.

Which nutrients are hiding in the coconut water?

The number of nutrients that can be found in the coconut water is almost endless! After finding out about all of these nutrients, it is almost impossible to keep away from this delicious yet refreshing drink! From the group of vitamins, the coconut water contains probably one of the most important ones – the famous Vitamin C! We already mentioned that it contains potassium, manganese, and copper, but it also contains calcium, sodium and phosphorous! And talk about low calories – in 100 ml coconut water there are only 46 calories!

The 8 healthy benefits of drinking coconut water every day!

1. Coconut water can lower your high blood pressure! – A study published in the West Indian Medical Journal after investigating the effects of coconut water on people suffering from high blood pressure found that it can lower the blood pressure and even get it to the normal ranges!

2. Coconut water is the perfect solution for dehydration! – When are the body is suffering from dehydration it means that our body is losing electrolytes and water. What our body craves in that situation is a natural source of electrolytes which the coconut water contains high levels!

3. The coconut water will put a stop to your digestion problems! – Common digestion problems such as indigestion, stomach flu, constipation, etc. can be quickly solved with the help of coconut water!

4. Coconut water will help you control your hunger since it suppresses your appetite! Because of this, it is the best option that you can use when it comes to controlling your weight and following a diet! You do not have to worry about the number of calories and yet you can enjoy the feeling of fullness with the help of coconut water!

5. Beat the stress with the help of coconut water! – Because coconut water contains high levels of magnesium and calcium, it is the perfect substitute for any medication that is supposed to help you get rid of your stress and muscle tension. A bottle of coconut water is everything that you need to get through the day with the decreased level of stress!

6. Coconut water can help you fight magnesium and calcium deficiency as well as many other health problems! – Magnesium and calcium deficiency are serious conditions that it is always better to prevent than to treat! They can trigger serious medical problems such as diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, asthma and increased risk of heart disease.

7. Coconut water fights cholesterol – If you are suffering from high cholesterol the coconut water will give you all the help that you need! A study done has shown that coconut water can improve the good cholesterol, also known as HDL, and also decrease the levels of the bad cholesterol, also known as LDL.

8. You can use coconut water to slow down the anti-aging process! – The coconut water contains the famous lauric acid and a very important protein known as cytokines that help activate the cell growth and cell activation!


After all, it seems as the coconut water is the answer to all of our health concerns! Or at least to the most common ones as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, osteoporosis and also help you get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles on your skin! We hope that after reading our article, we did succeed in informing you and answering all of your unasked questions on the topic of the use of coconut water. Enjoy this new habit of yours as you start feeling the many health benefits fill your life from day one! We believe that this is the new trick that we have all been waiting for so long and we tend to use it as much as we can to improve our lifestyles! Join us and live a healthier and happier life!

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