8 DIY Natural Bug Repellent Remedies

Organizing and cleaning the house is always a great feeling… once it’s over. Using all eco-friendly cleaning products makes a home feel even more fresh and benefits the health of your home and earth! While cleaning, you may find that you have to get rid of some pesky bugs unfortunately. Luckily, there are a handful of ways to get rid of each type of pest!

Whether you are battling moths in the pantry or under attack by fruit flies in the kitchen, Turbo Tenant has you covered with eight different bug repellent solutions that will do the trick, all while staying clean, green, and smelling keen! Using traditional pesticides are not only harmful towards insects, but also detrimental to people living in the home and the earth.

Each of these eight different methods uses common household items that you most likely have lying around, which is wonderful for convenience and your wallet. Each DIY bug repellent solution takes somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes, making for a quick and easy answer to all your bug problems.

The natural methods highlighted are for common household bugs. The bug solutions that we cover are a peppermint bug spray for ants, homemade bug killer for bed bugs, soapy water spray for cockroaches, chrysanthemum spray for boxelder bugs, herb sachets for pantry moths, apple cider vinegar trap for fruit flies, eucalyptus bug spray for dust mites, and lastly, a sugar bottle trap for black flies.

It’s incredibly important for all to feel safe while at home, from scary insects and bugs, as well as toxic and unnatural chemical cleaners. As a preventative to welcoming in bugs to your home, continue to keep surfaces clean and put food away after eating. We hope you find these natural bug repellents a great way to stay eco-friendly and rid of any creepy crawler bug issues!

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8+ Natural Bug Repellents

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