8 Odd Ways To Save The Environment!

There is no denying it, global warming is real. It is a problem that needs multiple solutions and scientists have worked hard to save the planet from extinction. We are already experiencing the effects of climate change. People are learning how small changes in what they do and how they do, it can have an impact on the environment. Governments and businesses are learning to apply new ways that contribute to the lifestyle of eco-conscious people who support companies who have changed the way they do business to benefit the environment like Chik-fil-A.

Ordinary people are finding small and odd ways of saving the environment and going green.

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Here are 8 odd things that most people do to save the earth:

#1. Drive less, walk more

The carbon monoxide released by cars pollutes the air. Although car manufacturers have come up with energy-efficient, low-emission engines and even electric cars. Those who walk or cycle to various destinations not only help the environment, but they also get healthy.

#2. Telecommute

When you work from home, you don’t have to drive anywhere or expand large amounts of energy at work. Telecommuters can reduce and control the amount of energy they use.

#3. Shop online

Online shopping is the perfect way to find and buy virtually anything from anywhere in the world. Online shops use less energy than retail outlets that have to keep the lights on and computers running.

#4. Reduce Food Waste

Americans throw 40% of their food out every year. This food ends up in landfills, rots away and releases methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas. The other way that food impacts the environment is that so much is spent on resources like energy and water. People should be making better choices about the food they buy by making sure they will be able to use and consume it before it expires. Pledge to donate food items that you don’t need to shelters and food banks that way you will ensure that you don’t waste and you actually help feed the poor.

#5. Make your own compost and plant a garden

If you have a backyard you can create your own compost with leftover food. This is one way to recycle nutrients back into the soil and keep food out of landfills.

#6. Use clean products to clean your house

When buying cleaning products look for those that are safe to use. Avoid pollutants like bleach and other toxic cleaning products. Chose products that come in biodegradable packaging. Do some research on eco-friendly products before you buy.

#7. Buy used instead of new

Reuse what you can and buy used products. You will be reducing the carbon footprint by contributing to the reduction in manufacturing demands. This means that you will be reducing the amount of resources that are needed in the manufacturing process like energy and water. You will be saving stuff from clogging up landfills.

#8. Ditch the paper

We now know how our need for paper has contributed to the deforestation of vast tracts of land and jungles. Save the trees by using less paper and choosing recycled alternatives.

The Bottom line

Saving the planet does not have to be some big production. It’s the little things that might seem odd. These little things will add up and their effect on the environment become apparent. Start doing one of more of these. Make them a habit and they will ultimately change your way of life.

What do you do to go green and help save our environment or do you have any helpful tips?

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