9 Natural Life-Changing Ways to Slow Down Aging




Everyone desires to live longer and you are no exception. This desire of extending our lives makes us ponder over the best ways to slow-down the aging process naturally and enjoy a long healthy and happy life. Following are 9 ways to slow down aging process and live a long and fulfilled life.

We all have to age sooner or later, it is just part of the universal truth. But we certainly can help our bodies age gracefully and can help have a great life if we incorporate the following changes in our lifestyle. These rules are pretty much clear and easy to follow, try to incorporate them in your life and you will see the difference! They will help you gain a more confident, youthful and healthy you.

1. Do Yoga:

Yoga is the fusion of mind and body. When you do yoga, you follow practices and principles that may help reverse the clock both physically and mentally. A regular yoga practice can help your mind and body slow down and stay young.

The anti-aging benefits of yoga  are attributed to its ability to produce anti-aging hormone in the brain, promote retention of muscle mass, relieve stress, and give a lean, flexible body.

2. A Walk to Remember for Longevity:

If you don’t feel like running every day then you got the best alternative to it, i.e., brisk walk. Several studies on life extension have also confirmed the anti-aging benefits of walking. According to European Society of Cardiology, people opting moderate exercise with brisk walk can surprisingly add 3-7 years to their life.



You might have heard of ”A walk to Remember” and your daily short walk will do the same magic in your life like Nicholas Spark did. Brisk walking will keep your joints and heart healthy helping it to functioning properly for years to come. So, just walk the road to the passage where unparalleled health is waiting for you in the end.

3. Eat Berries:

Berries are antioxidant-rich fruits that taste so good and so good for you. As they help prevent cell damage and other health benefits to slow down aging. Berries are one of the best anti-aging foods that have anti-inflammatory and bioactive properties that reduce inflammation and prevent the brain aging.

Whether you eat berries plain, add them to a cake for cherry touch, or it’s absolutely fine to add an antioxidant dose to your meal or daily snack. They will nourish your skin with a radiant glow and prevent free-radical damage to slow down the predestined aging.


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4. Spice it Up:

Spices are a great dose of antioxidants and sometimes to feel the fire like a dragon inside your mouth. *Chuckles* They help you fight against several pains and promote healthier heart with some incredible inflammatory properties. As inflammation can accelerate the aging and spices have the abilities to put a brake on it. Not only this, they also help improve insulin sensitivity and lower LDL cholesterol levels naturally.

It is a good idea to add the taste of spices to your life with mouth-watering dishes. You can use them moist, dry or sprinkle on top to enhance the presentation. You can also try some other proven home remedies that give you younger looking skin.

5. Sing Yourself to Sleep:

We all led a busy and stressful life which often ends up affecting our sleep. But if you actually want to add few more days, keep your eyes shut for about 6-8 hours regularly and make a good restful night sleep a priority. You should aim to get a good deep sleep for a better immunity and ageless skin. According to several types of research poor sleep can lead to depression, obesity, and heart problems at any age.

Just remember the lullaby that your mother used to sing and lost in beautiful dreams. Because a great sleep will keep you prepared for the challenges to come and give enough energy to combat diseases and to live a healthier life for long time.

6. Get a Four-Legged Friend:

Love, connections, and relationships are just not limited to humans only. Scientists have reported that pet owners spend time with their furry friend to stay happy and healthy. Animal lovers release a lower amount of cortisol (stress hormone) and have the high levels of oxytocin (the feel-good hormone) which help them to combat the risk of cardiovascular diseases.



Remember, your pet will encourage exercise and muscle movements to keep to fit and healthy. So, if you own a pet, it both scientifically and automatically increases the chances of your existence on this earth.

7. Get More Sun, but not Too Much:

The sun showers vitamin D, that promote bone health and ward off depression. What else could you want from the rays? Modern lives don’t have the time and space to feel the heat of the sun. Sunblock is good, but it is advised to get 15-30 minutes of real sunshine to meet the vitamin D requirements of the body.

If you’re living in a more commercialized space, it’s the time to get out to greet the sun and attain vitamin D that your body strives for. Don’t worry about the suntan or turning into the fireblast, you’ll be fine.

8. Tie the Knot:

Emotional and functional support is deeply linked with human mortality. According to a study by Duke University, partnered up people are less likely to die in midlife than those of singles.



Make love not war, marriage is the perfect example of this quotation in a sarcastic way. Most of the married people reading this might be laughing or surprised to see that marriage can also add a few years to their life. But, the facts won’t change you’ve to accept it, love your partner and share this true bond to live a long, blissful life.

9. Fill up On Fish:

Fish is one of the best life-extending foods to add to your diet because it boosts your omega-3 intake. It lowers the chronic inflammation biomarkers and increases RNA production. You can meet the best coastal flavors to taste the great seafood and add 4-7 years to your life, like these aquatic animals.

Omega-3 will keep your heart healthy and will help your heart pump even better as you age. So, with the fish by your side, you can effectively slow down the aging and live longer for years without diving into the pool of illnesses. Healthy eating is so important to our all over health.


Our health is largely based on the lifestyle we follow. From taking the first sip of booze to the products we buy, everything has its own impact on our overall health. We all wish for a healthy and happy life and it’s easy to achieve if we live a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy, taking care of our bodies, mind, and spirit.

If you follow the simple yet amazing ways mentioned above it can and will help slow down the aging process. These tips will have their own positive impact on your life and you’ll definitely experience the change.

Try them and will increase your chances to live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

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“Get busy living or get busy dying!”


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