A Beginner’s Guide to Minimalism!


Depending on where you sit in the world you might be noticing that something called minimalism is all the rage. Odds are, if you are noticing minimalism and wondering what that means and how it would benefit you then your place in the world is much better off than most. Did you know that 80% of the world’s human population lives on less than ten dollars a day?

If they can do that, we can eliminate our carbon footprint on Earth and move toward a life of minimalism. It will be a great first step. There are so many personal and global benefits to adopting the minimalist lifestyle, once you read them you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this all along.


As intelligent creatures, we tend to not jump right into something without knowing what the benefits are.

So here are some of the personal benefits you can expect when living life as a minimalist.

  • Your health will improve because you will have a clearer mind.
  • Without an enormous amount of possessions weighing you down, your stress levels should decrease.
  • You will find you have more time because you have less to maintain and once all this clutter is cleared from your life you will find that you identify with a greater purpose in life.
  • Another advantage of opting to purge and minimize your possessions will be a larger sum in your bank account and you’ll have more free time to do the things you want to do.
  • Besides, the less you buy, the less impact you have on the Earth.

We think once you adopt a greener lifestyle via minimalism you’ll start to adopt other green habits like conserving energy.

How Do We Start?

There are many areas of our homes where we might want to begin minimizing our stuff and clear out the clutter. You might be eyeing your closets and thinking, “I don’t need that many clothes” or you might be looking at your garden and be thinking, “I should really start my own compost instead of buying fertilizer.” Whatever your first thoughts are, it doesn’t matter.

Just follow our beginner steps and before you know it you’ll have gotten rid of half your unused clothing and started reading reviews about composters like this one at BackyardBoss.net.

Make a Plan

Sure. You might feel like jumping in and throwing things away is the way to start but first you need to decide how much of a dent you want to make. If you are someone who has a hoarding or shopping addiction getting rid of everything without thinking it through might cause a panic. We don’t want that.

Minimalism is something one should ease into, like a hot bath. It’s jarring at first but once your body gets used to it the water feels great. So, before you jump into your closet with the garbage bags take a look around your home and decide which area of the house can be completed the fastest.

We realize there are some folks who like to attack the most difficult jobs first but minimalism is like dieting. If you cut off everything at once you may relapse. So start small because tiny accomplishments lead to bigger and better ones.

Start Separating

Once you’ve decided where to start it is time to get started. Get a box or some bags and look at the items in that room. Do you need this? Have you used it or worn it in the last six months? If the answer is “no” then it’s time to get rid of it. In the world of minimalism there is no, “I’ll fit into that later” or “I may need this scrap of paper with these numbers on it next week.”

If you can’t remember the last time you’ve seen it, let it go.

Letting Go

Mastering the art of letting go is a great benefit when you are trying to become a minimalist and in every area of your life. We aren’t only talking about the things you’ve put in boxes and bags. You need to start letting go of other things in your life.

Do you have memories that don’t serve you anymore? Let them go. Do you have habits that hold you back from obtaining your life goals? Let them go.

Letting go is one of the most difficult things to do. We like to wallow in our memories at times and for some reason, we like to put obstacles in our own way. Be conscious of it and when you recognize a pattern just close your eyes and think to yourself, “I’m letting that go.” If you need to say it aloud.


When you are becoming a minimalist one isn’t only focusing on possessions. We want to minimize our actions too. To do this we have to be present and in the moment. If you are sharing a meal with a loved one or someone you just met, be there and engage in the company you are with. Don’t look at your phone and don’t let your mind wander.

If you are writing an article for your readers about how to become a minimalist don’t keep another device on your table top and switch over once in a while. Engage that piece and write it with deliberate intentions. You will find that if you don’t multitask and take one project at a time on with all of your attention your work will flourish and the quality of your time will be much more fulfilling.


These few tips should help you ease into a life of minimalism. Once you’ve mastered these you will be able to move on to another level. Good luck!!!

Author Bio: Tim Moore is the lead editor of Backyard Boss and is a lifelong backyard enthusiast. He grew up immersed in the outdoors, camping every weekend and tending to the backyard with his family. Follow Tim and Backyard Boss on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for everyday inspiration for your backyard.

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