A Healthy Happy Thanksgiving Celebration & Poems To Share!

The first Thanksgiving in 1621 was when the pilgrims celebrated their bountiful harvest, blessings, and they gave thanks to God, but so much as changed in our world from the foods we eat to how we live and how we think. The pilgrims lived a very simple and natural life!  Check out the history of Thanksgiving and learn some very interesting information that might surprise you.  Although now many American do celebrate with their families and friends with traditional turkey and many other delicious foods many of us forget that it is a day to show appreciation and gratitude for our many blessings.

Thanksgiving should be a day that centers on giving thanks and sharing a healthy meal made with natural foods straight from Mother Nature, not boxed chemically laden processed foods that cause disease and are filled with toxic ingredients. Many of the foods that we eat are harmful to our bodies and minds because they are genetically modified unnatural and factory processed.  In so many ways we have become a society that is ungrateful and a generation of entitlement seems to plague our country!

Healthy Thanksgiving


Homeless shelters and food banks provide specials meals for those you are not so fortunate and have fallen on hard times on Thanksgiving day. If you are reading this you probably are fortunate enough not to be in that situation but there are many people and families who are not able to have a bounty of food.  We need to remember that our circumstances are very different from many others in our country and the world.

I feel it is our duty to help those who don’t have the resources whether it is food, shelter but also just as important to help educate others on how to live a healthy life. I want to do my part on helping to bring awareness to the many people in our country that might have enough food but are not aware or just not understanding how important it is to know what you are eating and what is in our food.  It is just as important to understand why we need to live a natural and healthy lifestyle in every aspect including how we think.

Below I have included the ways we need to change to live green and naturally so that we can have a healthy and happy life.

I have also included some poems about Thanksgiving that I have found very motivating and inspirational!

Poem about Thanksgiving

How can we live healthy, happy and natural life?:

Please read what I am thankful for and why we should be thankful everyday!


Poem about Thanksgiving


Poem about Thanksgiving


As I close I am including a poem that my husband wrote about Thanksgiving. I hope you share it and enjoy it!

Thanksgiving poem

I would like to wish all of my readers and followers a healthy, happy, and blessed Thanksgiving and holiday season.  Remember to live green and give to those that need, spend time with your loved ones, take a moment and thank God for your many blessings!

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