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Flu season is upon us, and that means if you get the flu, you’ll miss work and/or have to deal with sick kids. To avoid the inconvenience and time lost, here are some all natural remedies and ways you can use to keep you and your family from getting sick this flu season and stay healthy.

1. Stay Warm

The easiest way to keep from getting sick is to stay warm and dry if you have to brace cold winter weather on a daily basis. If you need to go outside, make sure your hands, neck, feet, and core are properly insulated.

2. Hit the Gym and Get Some Rest

Keep your immune system strong by engaging in exercise every week and getting enough sleep. The Mayo Clinic recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity along with 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night for adults. If you’re working out, keep germs away by using wellness center wipes to sanitize all equipment before and after use.

3. Keep Your Hands To Yourself

As much as possible, try to keep your hands to yourself during the holiday season and avoid those wet kisses from Aunt Sally! Also, try not to touch your face, including your mouth, eyes, and nose. If you need to touch your face to put in contacts, etc., just be sure to wash your hands before and after.

4. When In Doubt, Hydrate

It’s important to stay hydrated when dealing with this season’s cold, dry weather to support your immune system and keep your skin healthy. Use this nifty quiz from CamelBak to find out exactly how much water you should drink every day based on your height, weight, and other factors.

5. Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol

Be sure not to indulge too much in the eggnog at the holiday party! Too much alcohol can lower your defenses and suppress your immune system. Instead, drink hot drinks with honey and/or lemon. You can also add ginger for an added health boost. Be sure to check out this New York Times recipe for Ginseng Tea.

6. Relax

Meditation brings down your heart rate and lowers stress. Try diffusing calming essential oils like lavender or frankincense before bed or after you get home from work. Just five or ten minutes of calm time can re-energize your body and help you fight off viruses.

7. Take Supplements

Take natural supplements like Vitamin C and ginseng. Vitamin C has many amazing qualities and can boost your immune system. Opt for all-natural vitamin C supplements and powders, and avoid ascorbic acid which is just one nutrient found in vitamin C. You can take ginseng in many forms, including a quick daily tea with 1 tsp powdered ginseng per 1 cup of boiling water.

8. Cook with Garlic and Mushrooms

Garlic acts as an antiviral agent, and along with mushrooms, both ingredients have many benefits for your immune system. You can make an easy winter soup with both of these to fight cold and flu viruses and keep you healthy for the holidays.

Carl Turner is a physical therapist from Santa Monica, California. He is also a self-proclaimed “health nut” and specializes in health and wellness. He stays healthy during the flu season by following these tips and drinking a hot ginseng tea with lemon every night.






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