Amazing Advancements in Green Removal Companies

Ok, it’s gonna get a bit doomy and gloomy for a second to illustrate why we these amazing advancements are so important.

As you already know the carbon dioxide that we put into the atmosphere is toxic to our health and the health of the planet. We are continuously doing this through our car exhausts, waste from businesses, burning fuel fossil fuels and using appliances.

This has had many adverse effects on the planet and it’s wildlife and is now causing us, humans, big problems. It has even caused a hole in the ozone layer above Australia which lets the suns harmful UV rays get through and cause huge levels of skin cancer in people down under.

The planets natural ways of getting rid of CO2 which include trees, biological matter and oceans are no match for the levels of carbon we are pumping out and the damage is becoming permanent.

The removal industry, in particular, is harmful to the environment. This is because it is primarily based on large gas guzzling vehicles hauling large amounts of cargo around and burning tons of fossil fuels to get it there.


But what can removal companies do?

There are lots of ways of reducing the carbon footprint of removals companies illustrated below. They range from small and obvious to the huge and groundbreaking.

There are a few small companies really leading the way in this environmental care in the removals industry. So let’s take a look at them and what they are doing.

Eco Movers

Their whole fleet of vans are carbon efficient. They also have electric hybrid vans and even have a fully electric vehicle. The electricity they use is also from renewable energy.

This is an incredible way to be ecologically sound although probably a little too expensive for most removal companies to consider so let’s look at some more cost-effective ways.

Most removals companies do not have a lot of money to spend on green schemes and we want to keep this realistic.


Eco removals companies are using biodiesel wherever possible.

Biodiesel is an alternative fuel made that comes from crops. Most of this fuel is produced from waste vegetable oil from restaurants. So you can see that this is great for a number of reasons. And the best part is that all diesel engines (usually used in removals) can use this fuel without any modification. Just Google where the nearest biodiesel depot is and you might be surprised.

Recycled stationery

Most green removals companies are using these products now.

They are easy to find on the web and not expensive. There have extensive ranges available for whatever you need.

Green energy provider

If you shop around you can usually find a deal that is comparative to the major providers and yet you will be supporting green energy providers. This will help them grow they operation and offer lower prices. So many removals firms are changing their providers at their homes and offices.

Packing Materials

Gold Bear Removals Brighton re-use their packing materials. They also run a recycling scheme with the shops in Brighton using their cardboard boxes. Once they have emptied the boxes of their new stock then Gold Bear Removals Brighton collect them. They are perfectly sturdy but have just been used once before.

Other companies are catching on too such as The Brighton Removals Company who have a similar scheme.

Brighton and Hove have one main recycling day and then they pick up all the boxes they need for the month. This also saves the customer money. The boxes would normally be crushed and pulped which causes emissions. They can use them several times saving the environment from this needless process.

The Cooperative bank

Although they are not carbon neutral they are one of the only banks trying to offset their emissions which is very admirable. So many ethical removal companies are starting to use responsible banks.

Tree planting

The things that set Gold Bear Removals Brighton apart from the rest is that they have their own tree planting scheme. This is the only one of it’s kind in the removals industry in the UK. They plant trees to offset their emissions at a beautiful site in Suffolk. Ringshall Grange is a Manor House that has a large tree planting scheme in conjunction with the Woodland Trust. Gold Bear got involved with the planting and even name the trees for the customer if they wish, which is a really nice gesture. They plan to do more with the growth of their firm.

And that’s what it’s all about. A sustainable green programme that develops and evolves with the growth of the removals company. Their industry is a little late to the game but the giant leaps that some are making give us great hope for the future.

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