Automated Lighting and Your Home!

Automated lighting

Home automation is on the rise, and one of the very first aspects of the home that people generally look to is their lighting. Skip automating your coffee maker or refrigerator and enjoy the benefits of having controlled, automated lighting in your living space. Automated lighting can help to make your home healthy, greener, and better place to live.

Provides Added Home Security

Every person wants to be able to keep their home safe, free of crime and burglaries. And in many cases, homeowners will take action to do so by outfitting their homes with monitoring systems. In addition to using a top-of-the-line alarm to keep your home safe, automated lighting can be used as well to make it even safer. Both methods have been proven to be effective deterrents of crime. In fact, homes that are outfitted with security cameras are targeted less frequently than homes without security systems. And no criminal wants to break into a home where the property is well lit or a light comes on when it senses the presence of someone or something, essentially catching them in the act of the crime. If you’re ready to make your home safe, Lorex by FLIR provides a home security system for the exterior that can withstand the elements and provide HD-quality picture.

If you feel safer in your home you can benefit in many ways such as feeling less stressed so that you can relax and feel that your home is a safe haven where you can enjoy your time with your family.

Creates Ambiance

Automated lighting is just one of the unique ways that you can customize your living space. Forget paint color or colorful accessories, decorate with your lighting instead. Philips Hue, an automated lighting system for living spaces, allows you to customize the color of your lighting in the home. There are hundreds of different colors and shades to choose from. Set the mood for a dinner party with soft lighting or set the tone for a horror movie night with something spooky like red. The opportunities are endless. In addition to adding a little color to your space, Philips Hue may even make you feel more well rested. The lighting system can be programmed via your smartphone to wake you up in the morning naturally by simulating the slow, progressing sunrise. Anything beats a noisy beeping alarm. Plus, you can program Philips Hue to turn on when you’re coming home from work or even program your lights to turn on when you’re out of town to make it appear as if you’re home. Which like having lighting outside, is an added security benefit.

With a relaxing environment that is filled with soft colors to fit your mood your body can benefit from reducing stress and making a healthy atmosphere that can benefit your family with comfort, over all well-being and better health.

Saves Money

One of the major benefits – beside better health and relaxation – by automating the lighting in your home – is the money that you will save. Ordinary and outdated lighting is a contributor to wasted energy, but automated lighting conserves energy, which in turn can potentially save you money on your energy bills.  When you save energy you are helping our planet and helping the environment. While you may have to spend a little to outfit your home with an automated lighting system, the potential savings will soon outweigh your upfront costs. In fact, automated and motion sensor-style lighting cuts wasted energy by up to a whopping 30 percent. Dimmer controls, motion sensor controls, photosensors, occupancy controls and timer controls can all contribute to the savings, in both energy and money.

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