Beauty and Grooming: How to Make your Morning More Eco-Friendly

You are already recycling diligently, using a tote bag for your shopping needs and cycling to work instead of driving? Good for you – you are contributing to the growing eco-friendly movement. But are there further ways to minimize the damage you are doing to the environment which you haven’t yet implemented in your green lifestyle? How about your beauty and grooming regimen?

Here are some tips on leading a greener life by making small changes in your everyday grooming regimen:

How to use less water in the bath:

Of course, if you can it is best to use solar heated water for your baths and showers. Even if you already have this wonderful and eco-friendly solution at home, there are still ways to help the environment when bathing.

First of all, even though it sounds quite illogical – you can save water by taking a bath instead of a long shower. You can soak in the bathtub for as long as you want and will use up the amount of water you have filled it with only. In case you are not a bath person, then you can also reduce the amount of water you use when showering by installing a low-flow showerhead, as well as by timing your shower time. A fun way to do that is to make up a favorite playlist for showering which runs for a set amount of time. You can also set an alarm to remind you when it is time to get out of the shower.

Another tip is to lower the temperature of your hot water to 120 degrees, so that you help conserve all that energy and water. This will help lower your bills as well.

How to care for the skin the eco-friendly way:

Once you are nice and clean after that eco-friendly shower, you can further help the environment by using eco-friendly beauty and grooming products, and by limiting their amount.

If you haven’t moved on to using non-electric toothbrushes, razors and other products which have eco-friendly, non-electric alternatives – then you should seriously consider doing so. At the end you will save electricity and still your teeth will be clean and you will be well shaved.

When it comes to shaving, think about switching to the much more sustainable options such as solar powered razors or classic razors instead of using the disposable ones which fill up the landfills and further pollute the environment. Invest in a good quality and eco-friendly razor and you will be contributing quite a bit to the green cause.

Also, consider using eco-friendly and non-toxic shaving cream or gel if you want to limit the pollution of the world oceans.

There are various green companies which offer toiletries made of recycled and recyclable materials, so makes sure you get your next toothbrush or razor from one of them.

You probably already know the eco-friendly tip to stop the water while you are brushing your teeth in order to save water and reduce your bills while helping the environment.

You should also reduce the number of skin care, hair care and other beauty products you use, and try to purchase eco-friendly ones which do not contain toxins which endanger the environment and the wildlife as well. Going with a more natural look is the new thing anyway, so why not be in line with the latest fashion and help the environment at the same time too? Make sure you pay attention to the labels next time you are shopping for cosmetics and opt for those which are safe for the environment and thus for you too.

If you have way too many beauty products which you don’t use, why not give them to a friend, or donate them to someone in need.

Tips for green grooming

It is pretty easy to lead an even greener lifestyle and further reduce your carbon footprint and negative effect on Nature by making some very simple and yet efficient changes to your grooming and beauty regimen.

Here are some other tips for grooming which can further clear your conscience when it comes to leading an eco-friendly lifestyle:

  • If you can – wake up when the sun has already risen – this will help you save energy for lighting and will also make your morning much more enjoyable.


  •  Get a good quality set of hair clippers in order to save time and money for the hair stylist or barber. You can cut your hair efficiently at home and you can even fade your hair with clippers at home or achieve just about any hair style you wish.


  • Use all-natural shampoo or why not make your own home made shampoo with eco-friendly products from your household.


  • Turn down the thermostat in your bedroom. It will help save energy and will also make your sleep much sounder. Not to mention the fact that your bills will drop dramatically.


  • Change the filters of your HVAC system on a regular basis, and make sure your system is regularly checked and maintained by professionals.


So what are your favorite eco-friendly lifestyle tips?

Are you moving toward more simple and green life too?

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