10 Unexpected Advantages to Eating a Whole Food Diet

Whole-Foods health benefits

Instead of restrictive diets, more people are focusing on avoiding processed junk and eating healthy whole foods instead. While all food is processed to some extent, mechanical processes, such as churning milk into butter, are not harmful. However, foods that are chemically processed, such as prepackaged bread or frozen dinners, can cause a variety of unhealthy issues. When you switch from processed foods to whole foods you gain many health benefits, which are foods that do not have chemical additives or artificial subjects, you gain a variety of benefits. In addition to obvious advantages such as weight loss, you will find that there are many surprising healthy benefits to eating a whole food diet with a lot of fruits, vegetables and grains.

Advantages and health benefits of Eating a Whole Food Diet:

1. Less Risk of Heart Disease
Eating a lot of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables greatly increases the amount of fiber in your diet. Researchers have found that a high fiber diet greatly helps to protect your heart from damaging cardiovascular disease.

2. Advance Addiction Recovery
If you are undergoing drug rehab, a diet of whole foods can help to lessen the damage from previous addictions. Whole foods restore missing nutrients and help to lessen the stress your body undergoes during withdrawal phases.

3. Mood Improvement
Studies have shown that eating all of the trans fats found in processed food increases stress, irritability, and aggression. Human bodies are not really designed to handle unnatural trans fats, so they can negatively affect the brain. By cutting these out of your diet, you can feel more relaxed and lower your levels of cortisol stress hormones.

4. Easily Eat a Balanced Diet
While processed foods may have unnaturally high levels of fats or sugars, most fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans naturally grow with correct proportions of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. They also contain high levels of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, so simple meals can provide all of your needed daily vitamin values.

5. Stronger Bones
Many vegetables offer forms of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin K that the body can absorb easier than animal-based versions of those minerals. Your body uses these minerals and vitamins to create strong, healthy bones that are less likely to break or develop osteoporosis in later years.

6. Higher IQ
When growing children eat boxed foods with high levels of sugar and fat, their IQ decreases as they age. Research suggests that children who eat a diet of whole foods will be smarter than their peers who only have processed food.

7. Look Better
The grains that often make up a lot of a whole foods diet contain zinc, which is responsible for building hair, and vitamin B2, which is an important part of creating skin. This means that a diet high in whole grains results in shiny, strong, full hair and soft, smooth, glowing skin.

8. Decrease Diabetes
A diet with a lot of grains, fruits, and vegetables will lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. If you already have type 2 diabetes, a whole food and vegan diet is one of the best ways to manage your blood sugar. The natural sugars found in fruits have a low glycemic index and contain fibers that slow down sugar absorption, so they will not cause blood sugar spikes as much as processed, sugary desserts do.

9. Appear Younger
Many vegetables contain a variety of phytonutrients which help to diminish cell damage from stress or environmental toxins. Red and orange vegetables provide lycopene, which helps to prevent sun damage, and the vitamin C found in other forms of whole foods assists in producing collagen, which lessens signs of aging.

10. Save Money
Instead of spending an excessive amount of income on over processed name brand foods, your groceries will mostly consist of grains, legumes, vegetables, and other whole foods. Since you are not paying other companies to cook or preserve your foods, most whole food items are cheaper than their processed counterparts.







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  9. I know I feel a lot better eating whole foods. These are all great reasons to cut out processed junk.

    1. Hi Bonnie,
      So good to here. There would be so much less disease if people would stop polluting their bodies with toxic chemicals. Thanks for reading my article and commenting. Have a healthy happy & blessed Thanksgiving.

  10. Great article Marla! Real Food doesn’t fix everything, but it certainly does have so many amazing benefits. I feel like I have more energy in my 40s than I did in my 30s and that’s thanks to my real food diet. I am sure of it. And…….my kids are pretty smart. I better keep feeding them real food. I don’t want them to get lose their intelligence. I’m chuckling, but my kids eating real whole foods is an important part of parenting for me. I want them to be healthy for a good long time. As always, thanks for sharing this information with our Let’s Get Real readers.

    1. Thanks I believe the whole food diet does so much good for the body. No chemicals or toxin ingredients. Glad to be part of Let’s Get Real blog hop. Have a healthy happy blessed Thanksgiving.

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Thanks – glad you liked the article. Thanks for reading it and commenting. Have a healthy happy blessed day! Marla

  11. Hi Marla,
    I have been following a healthy whole food diet for many years so I appreciate the advantages. Disease prevention is the major advantage for me. I have managed to avoid the chronic illnesses that many of my relatives take for granted such as diabetes, arthritis, hypertensension and high cholesterol. Thank you for sharing these important and unexpected advantages to eating a whole food diet with us at the Healthy Living Link Party Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

    1. Hi Deborah,
      Whole foods to me is the only healthy way to live a healthy lifestyle. When we start eating processed foods of any type we opening a door to many chemicals and poisons which is the cause of many diseases. Thanks for sharing my article.

  12. I totally agree and wish I could be a little more discipline to ALWAYS eat like this. I find myself getting off track more times than I would like. Also with kids it can be extra challenging finding something that they will eat and sometimes one child might like and the other doesn’t. I guess it keeps us on our toes. All we can do is improve and try our best. Thanks for a great article that Ill be sharing!

    1. Hi Matt,
      It can be a challenge and I agree that to improve and do your best is a big step forward. Taking small steps at a time also helps a lot and you find that the small steps make giant changes through time. Have a healthy happy blessed week. Thank for reading my article, sharing it, and commenting.

    1. Whole foods are certainly better for your whole body and have many health benefits. Thank you for reading my article and commenting. Have a healthy happy & blessed day.

  13. ivegotbigbulls

    I really wish more people got what a healthy lifestyle this is. Thanks for hosting the blog hop once again!

  14. The women on my mother’s side of the family have been known for looking younger, with smoother skin, much later in life than most, despite being avid gardeners who didn’t like the bother of hats. Reading this, I realize very likely it’s their love of fresh foods and vegetables that may have helped their skin–and hair–stay young looking longer. That and good genes!

    1. Hi Kathryn,
      What you eat certainly does affect your whole body health including your skin, but genes are also part of it too. Using the truly natural products are extremely important to, chemicals can do our skin and hair so much damage. Thanks for reading and commenting on my article. Have a healthy happy blessed weekend.

  15. People always ask me how I am always so happy and bubbly and energetic and I always tell them – IT IS BECAUSE OF THE WAY I EAT! But seriously, I attribute my energetic nature to my healthy lifestyle and diet! 😀 SALMON for days! lol

    1. Hi GiGi,
      What you eat certainly affects your mood, physical and mental health. Thanks for reading my article and commenting. Have a healthy happy blessed day!

    1. Here is a link that explains it in more detail http://www.vegkitchen.com/nutrition/calcium/ There definitely is some conservancy about this subject and many different opinions and studies that show different results.
      I honestly think that each person’s body function differently and some people can absorb the calcium in plants better than others and some cannot tolerate any milk products which I believe is from processing. I think the important issue is that we are eating whole foods and not processed foods. Many milk products are so processed that they have lost there nutritional value. I am a believer if you can tolerate milk products that they should be only raw milk products but many people would disagree with that. I think you need to find what works for you as an individual and stick with that. Some foods that are healing for one person can be poison for another. Thank you for reading my article and commenting.

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