CBD and THC Ratio

Understanding the synergies between CBD and THC will help you maximize the benefits of these two cannabinoids. This is especially true for users who find the psychoactive effects of THC overwhelming for daily working activities.

Some people easily get high after consuming medical or recreational marijuana due to the high levels of THC. products can be a great way to optimize your therapeutic use of cannabis without getting overly affected. Combining THC products with CBD products can be a great way to optimize your therapeutic use of cannabis without getting overly affected.


What are CBD and THC?

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two of at least over 100 currently known cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Both of these chemical compounds are nearly twins as they consist of the same chemical makeup – 2 oxygen atoms, 21 carbon atoms, and 30 hydrogen atoms. However, they have different molecular structures and work differently with our body.

CBD and THC can come in different forms but they can all be consumed the same way. For example with CBD there are isolates which you can dab and there are vape liquids you can vape, just like you can with THC.

To understand better, let’s quickly see how cannabinoids generally affect our body.

Endocannabinoid System

Cannabinoids are compounds that have important medical benefits. They interact directly with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) of our body. The ECS is a network of receptors that works with cannabinoids to perform vital functions in the body.

There are basically two types of cannabinoid receptors:

  • the CB1 and CB2 receptors, and they are found in the brain and throughout the nervous and immune systems, respectively.

Since CBD and THC don’t have the same molecular geometry, they interact differently with the CB1 and CB2 receptors, and that is what determines the way these two compounds affect our body.

Cannabinoid Receptors

Although CBD and THC can bind with the CB2, only THC can bind the CB1 receptors. It is the bond between the THC and CB1 that ignites the psychoactive effects that get us “high” when we consume THC products.

On the other hand, CBD cannot bind directly with the CB1 receptor. Research shows that its presence can break the bond between the CB1 receptors and THC, hence neutralizing the psychoactive effects caused by the THC in the body.

So this means that you can be greedy and get all the health benefits offered by THC without worrying about its mind-altering effects, thanks to CBD. But you need to know the correct ratio for combining THC with CBD.


Aside from using CBD and THC together, there are other ways to use cannabis without getting high from it.

For instance, you don’t necessarily need to up your dosage before you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of your cannabis. With the help of microdosing, you can attain symptom relief without losing yourself to the overwhelming effect of THC.

Microdosing is a practice that involves consuming smaller doses of your medical marijuana occasional to prevent getting high in order to stay productive, aware, and focus throughout the day.

Manage Psychoactivity

While many people enjoy the feeling of getting high, some people find it irritating, especially those who are sensitive to THC. Luckily, since CBD does not cause a high but instead neutralizes it, marijuana patients can manage psychoactivity and effectively use THC cannabis products without being intoxicated.

Different Ratios

So what is the best CBD-to-THC ratio that anyone can use? Well, there is no one perfect ratio for everyone. That’s because the ratio largely depends on some factors which include your THC tolerance level, the time of the day, and the ailment you are trying to cure.

However, whatever the case may be, here are three effective CBD-to-THC ratios recommended for you.

1:1 (CBD:THC)

This ratio is called the “canna-magic.” It is the combination of an equal proportion of both CBD and THC doses. It is a golden ratio for people who can tolerate THC and want to experience tranquility and little euphoria.

If you are looking for calmness and good sleep or relief from pain and stress, then this ratio is suitable for you as it helps you relax.

5:1 (CBD:THC)

If you have some tolerance for psychoactive THC effects, then this ratio is for you. It contains a high dose of CBC and a medium dose of THC. You won’t get headaches or symptoms of a weed hangover.

20:1 (CBD:THC)

If you have zero tolerance for THC or you don’t want to get high but still wish to optimize the health benefits of THC, then this is the perfect ratio for you. This CBD-to-THC ratio offers high therapeutic benefits and helps in relaxation with no side effects.

Learning the benefits of alternative medicine such as Cannabis can help you live naturally and a healthier lifestyle.

What is your opinion on cannabis and its medical benefits? Have you used cannabis and what were the results? Please share them in the comment section below.

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