5 Delicious Vegan Cocktails to Celebrate – Cheers!

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It doesn’t take much convincing to know green living is how we can do our part to impact the environment. So why not adjust our lifestyles to protect the planet and our health?

Whether you are trying to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet and avoiding factory farmed conventional animal products (non-organic) or you are full pledged Vegan, you can further lower your carbon footprint and boosts sustainability.  It also helps you manage a healthy weight, helps fight disease, promotes healthy digestion and aids in better sleep.

Adding more plant-based foods and saying no to factory farmed  foods does offer profound benefits such as from taking a stand against animal cruelty to preventing increased risks of cancer.

You can lower you meat intake or be completely on a meatless diet by adding protein filled beans, whole grains and veggies that contains calcium and iron as well. Contrary to popular concerns, a vegan diet is also fairly economical, and vegan comfort food recipes can be very tasty.

If you have happy hour on the mind or you are someone that enjoys an occasional drink, you’ll be glad to know that vegans can still enjoy a delicious cocktail while staying 100 percent vegan-committed. Many alcohol brands do use conventional animal products during the filtering and brewing process. Wine and beer in particular use animal products, such as egg whites, gelatin and casein, according to Urban Tastebud. The good news is there’s an extensive list of alcohol brands that offer an assortment of vegan spirits. Keep in mind, most hard liquors are gluten-free and avoid cream-based liquors since these typically contain processed dairy products.

Ready to take green living to the next level?  Check out these vegan drink recipes to help you have a healthier balance. (Make sure to refer to the vegan alcohol list!)

1. Dark and Stormy Cocktail

It doesn’t have to be Halloween time to get goosebumps from this fall festive drink. Any time of year is great for drinking a delicious concoction of ginger beer, dark rum and lime. In fact, consider this cocktail to be the sexier version of the Moscow Mule. Stir together in a glass with ice and garnish with lime slices.

Recipe at Veganosity.com.

For Non-Acholol version 

  • 8 ounces organic ginger brew or ale
  • 1ounce fresh lime juice
  • 2 -3 ounces pineapple juice

Combine all ingredients over crushed ice and add lime slices.

2. Spicy Vegan Bloody Mary

There’s no better way to begin a boozy brunch than with a Bloody Mary; however, an essential ingredient in this classic cocktail is regular Worcestershire sauce, which isn’t vegan and is processed. Use Annie’s Naturals Organic Vegan Worcestershire Sauce and vegan-prepared horseradish sauce as simple substitutes. Bottoms up! You should thing about using organic Annie’s sauce it in any recipe for a healthier choice.

For a non-alcohol version completely leave out the vodka or substitute it with a little sparkling water.

Spicy Vegan Bloody Mary Recipe at SheKnows.com.

3. Warm Cider and Rum Punch

Sip on this spiked spice punch to warm up during wintry weather. The sweet aromas of organic apple, ginger and cinnamon will fill both your kitchen and soul. Add organic apple and orange slices, along with cinnamon sticks and fresh ginger, to the punch bowl for an irresistible rum-blended brew.

For a healthy non-alcoholic drink leave the rum out and add more apple cider.

Recipe at MarthaStewart.com.

4. Pomegranate Gin Fizz

This refreshing pink cocktail is perfect for a summery evening or romantic Valentine’s Day date. The fruity concoction bursts with juicy and sweet pomegranate flavors, and the gin-infused soda water gives it the fizz factor. Go ahead, consider this your excuse to go out and buy a brand new bottle of (vegan) gin.

Or for non-alcohol version just leave out the gin and add more soda water.

Recipe at ElephantasticVegan.com.

5. Spicy Vodka Lemonade

Talk about refreshing the palate with a bit of sass! The jalapeño and vodka pairing gives this cocktail quite a kick. Not to mention, the jalapeño and lemon slice garnish turn this drink into a vibrant treat that’ll impress your guests, especially if you serve them in mason jars.

In this recipe you can substitute the 1 tablespoon agave for organic lemon or vanilla flavored stevia or raw honey to taste. For a non-alcohol version substitute the vodka with sparking soda water.

Recipe at VeganYackAttack.com.

I believe that we all are individuals and need to the find right balance in our diets!  Many people have food allergies and sensitivities that inhibit what they can eat. Each person needs to find the proper diet or foods that works for them so that we can thrive.  Your might choose to eat only a Vegan diet, or need to avoid grains. Maybe you are just trying to eat healthier by choosing organic, local foods including meats and animal products that are humanly treated and keeping your diet healthy and well-balanced. Whatever you choose — we all have a duty to preserve our environment and make this world a better place for our children so make sure you choose organic and local as much as possible.






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