Chicago’s Eco Friendly, Efficient Big Infrastructure Project

Did you know that Chicago is America’s third largest city? And did you also know that a new Chicago infrastructure plan is also on the horizon? Yes, Chicago is getting a makeover!

After already having successfully completed different projects that started back in 2012, Chicago has seen some great improvements in many different fields. With programs started by Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, the city has been on the rise ever since. Although Chicago infrastructure projects have been in the talks for quite some time, it was thanks to the programs that change was implemented in the city. The first move was setting up the Chicago Infrastructure Trust, an agency that dealt with finding financing for the different projects proposed by the municipal government.

One of the most recent proposals the agency undertook was that of finding financing for the “O’Hare Express” project. A long time coming, work is being put in to build a high-speed train that will connect the O’Hare International Airport to downtown Chicago. The train is looking to cut transport between the two points by 50% and get the train trip to last 20 minutes. The train will give travellers that visit the Chicago, and the third busiest airport in the US, an extra option of getting downtown. There is no total cost estimate yet, but the Chicago Infrastructure Trust is looking for full private financing. The deal would allow the financiers to collect the ticket sales and advertising incomes, while tending to the train maintenance. The project is looking great for both investors and Chicagoans. Even more so after an estimate made by the agency calculated that the increase of travellers will go from the current 20,000 to 35,000 by 2045.

The O’Hare Express is quite an exciting project that shows how serious Chicago is about their infrastructure plan. In fact, one other great benefit that has come, and will continue on coming, from the plan are the many jobs created so far. Thanks to the mayor Emanuel – after creating the “Building a New Chicago” plan – 60,000 new jobs were added to the market. The number is impressive, but doesn’t seem to satisfy the mayor just yet. With a recent declaration, Rahm Emanuel said he wants to create other 40,000 jobs, and is planning on doing so through the different infrastructure projects ahead.

With projects that will range from the transport, logistics, water mains, and energy industries, the redevelopment is looking swell. Not to mention, the upcoming renovation set forth by US president Donald Trump, of the iconic 92-year-old Union Station. That alone will also create another 1,000 jobs. Chicago’s future has never looked brighter, and we are totally here for it.

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