Could the #Trashtag Challenge Inspire Others to Become Environmentally Conscious?

We’ve all walked by the trash on the beach or in a park. Most of us stop to pick it up and throw it away because we were raised to recognize that littering was a bad thing. As the country became more environmentally conscious over the years, events sprung up to encourage everyone to participate in cleaning up our communities. Today, a new motivator has emerged: social media. The pull of wanting to be seen on platforms like Twitter and Instagram is a powerful tool, and the hashtag #trashtag is making full use of that to encourage people do something good with their time.

What is #Trashtag

Sweeping platforms like Instagram and Twitter, #trashtag is a way for individuals to display their environmental consciousness to a public audience. The hashtag is generally accompanied with photographs of users cleaning up their local community.

While there is a certain sense of wanting to be liked or seen that comes with these posts, the end result is still positive. With or without a hashtag, it’s a good thing to pick up trash. If the social impact can encourage more people to do it, great.

Pitching In

How can you participate in the #trashtag challenge? Even if you have no desire to post on social media, simply clean up when you see trash where it doesn’t belong. Be sure to put your own trash in the right recycling, composting, or trash bins when you’re out in public.

If you go for a morning walk or jog, take a trash bag with you. If you see something, pick it up. At the end of your outdoor adventure, toss it in the right place.

Getting Around

Becoming more environmentally conscious can be a lot more than just picking up trash. While #trashtag and the social impact of posting photos can help more people see the value in protecting the environment, many people want to take this one step further.

One way to get started is to consider environmentally conscious methods of transportation, including electric and hybrid cars. Or you can walk, ride a bike, or take public transportation available in your town.

Spreading the Word

The #trashtag challenge is one part social networking and one part activism. By posting your own #trashtag photos, you’re encouraging others to participate in the process. This is a great thing no matter how it’s encouraged.

Don’t be afraid to post your photos along with the #trashtag hashtag. Spread the word, share friends’ posts, and encourage others to participate.

Keeping it Up

Most importantly, make sure that #trashtag doesn’t become a passing fad like many other Instagram or Twitter challenges. Keep it up even after the excitement of the hashtag has faded. Caring for the environment is something that will take everyone participating for a long time.

With Earth Day coming up, it’s a good time to double down on your own environmental action plan. Commit today to recycle more, use more environmentally friendly modes of transportation, and save energy in your home and workplace.

Let #trashtag be the start of something bigger to encourage you and your friends to be more environmentally conscious this year.

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