Diabetes and Processed Meats – Is There A Link?


"Link Between Processed Meats & Daibetes"

Today my friends, I would like to discuss a serious health issues that seems to be running rampant in the U. S.  and that is diabetes. I would especially like to concentrate on the relevant between processed meats that have food additives and how it affects your chances of getting diabetes. So take a rest and listen closely!

Did you realize that according to the National Institute of Health–in 2007 23.6 million (7.8% of the population) had diabetes — in 2011- to 25.8 million (8.3% of population) which is a 9.3% increase in the amount of people that was diagnoses with diabetes.

The question I have to ask is why is there such an high increase of this disease. Well, one of the causes that researchers have found, has to to do with food additives. So let’s a closer look at this factor.

  • Food additives that have highly carcinogenic nitrite content and are added to processed meats to add flavor and prolong shelf life.
  • Processed meats such as the all American favorite hotdog, bologna, and sausage. According to recent studies they not only double your risks of getting diabetes but are also known cancer agents.
  • For processed meat, the high amount of nitrate preservatives may increase risk for insulin resistance a pre-diabetes condition that occurs when the cells of the body become resistant to the effects of insulin.
  • Processed meats play an important role in the development of metabolic disorder which is likely to increase digestive load placed on the pancreas.

Some interesting Research:

  • As published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers found that 50 grams daily of processed meats was associated with doubled risk of developing diabetes. This is equivalent to 1 hot dog or 2 strips of bacon.
  • Boston, MA—In a new study, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) have found that eating processed meat, such as bacon, sausage or processed deli meats, was associated with a 42% higher risk of heart disease and a 19% higher risk of type 2 diabetes. In contrast, the researchers did not find any higher risk of heart disease or diabetes among individuals eating unprocessed red meat, such as from beef, pork, or lamb. This work is the first systematic review and meta-analysis of the worldwide evidence for how eating unprocessed red meat and processed meat relates to risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Other Research:

  • According to WebMD some other researchers determined that —-Red meats are also a contributors. If 100 grams of unprocessed red meats is consumed daily, which is about the size of a deck of cards, it increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes 19%. In ratio to processed meats which when only 1/2 the amount were consumed the increase of Type 2 diabetics was 51%.
            Harvard answer to WEDMD:
  • A significant body of research shows lean beef plays a beneficial role in a healthy diet, including reducing type 2 diabetes and there is simply nothing in this recent Harvard study that should change how people enjoy nutrient-rich beef as part of a healthy, balanced diet, ” says Shalene McNeill, PhD, RD, the executive director of human nutrition research at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association in a statement to WebMD.

More Research:

  •  Another conclusion of why red meats might increase diabetes is also contain high amounts of iron, and high total body iron stores have been associated with an elevated risk of type 2 diabetes, according to the study researchers. Researchers are recommending not to make red meat the center of you diet. How red and processed meat may affect diabetes risk is unknown.
  • All the data was analyzed with adjustments for age, body mass index (BMI), and other lifestyle and dietary risk factors.

But an industry group disputes the findings of the study.

The researchers did not specify that the non processed red meat was non-organic factory farmed red meat that live in unhealthy conditions and fed hormone, antibiotics etc, nor did it specify that it was organic.  In my opinion the tests results of WEBMD might be quite different if organic red meat was tested since we are limiting so many of the harmful factors.

I believe all healthy foods have a role in gaining optimal health! I also believe all foods should be done in moderation to have a balanced diet. I strongly suggest grass fed beef! I only eat organic red meat and  grass fed beef myself and I can testify the taste and quality have no comparison to conventional farm-grown beef or other red meat.

Whether we are talking about diabetes or just trying to stay healthy it is always much healthier to eat organic or local harvest and in this case local butcher that you have knowledge of where the meat is from and what they are fed. You need to come to your own conclusion and decide what is the right path for your diet.

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– Eleanor Roosevelt

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