Diatomaceous Earth and It’s Many Health Benefits


"Food Grade Diatoneceous Earth"

Today my friends, I am going to continue our discussion on Diatomaceous Earth and we will talk about the health benefits and how it might help you or a family member with health problems or possibly find optimal health! It is completely organic and non-toxic!

D. E. is a mineral based compound that contains:

  • Silicon
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Sodium
  • Iron
  • And other trace minerals that are essential for our bodies to stay healthy.
  • D.E.is also 84%Silicon Dioxide (Silica).

Why do we Need D.E.?

  • Some scientist think that silica is the most important trace mineral element for humans to stay healthy.
  • Years ago the silica found in foods was adequate but because of hybrids and depleted soils we now only get about 1/3 of the silica that our bodies need.

Health Benefits of D.E.:

1. D. E. is a great detoxification method since it gives such a thorough cleansing in the colon and entire digestive system. Since D.E. is very hard substance which allows the millions of sharp D. E. cylinders to pass through the small and large intestines actually scrubbing the walls.

  • D. E. is widely recognized as a colon cleaner and body detoxifier!
  • It absorbs methyl mercury, e.coli, viruses, fungi, protozoa, chemical pesticide residues, drug residues,  and many other toxins.
  • The particles are negatively charged, while bacteria are positively charged, and many scientists believe that this helps the particles trap and remove bacteria from the body.

2. Health Benefits of D. E. in the digestive system include:

  • Regulates bowel movements, creates a healthy colon to help to avoid polyps, cancers, & ulcers
  •  Increased energy since an cleaner colon allows food and nutrients to be better absorbed into the bloodstream
  •  Reduces inflammation of the intestinal tract which can help to prevent diarrhea and constipation
  •  Normalize hemorrhoidal tissues, and alleviates lower back pain caused by digestive dysfunctions.

3. Benefits of Weight Loss:  Since D. E. contains 84% silica this helps to destroy bad fats and if taken in the morning can help to curb your appetite throughout the day.

4. Benefits of Anti-Aging:   Again since 84% if D. E. us silica it helps serve as a natural internal cosmetic for skin, nail, hair, and teeth.  D.E. helps to slow down the aging process. Collagen is largely made up of silica therefore this enhances the elasticity and beauty of the skin, helps to stop tissue degeneration and helps the skin retain moisture.

5. Other Important Health Benefits:

  • Helps protect your lungs from pollution and repairs lung tissues, lowers and regulates high blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Helps with joint and bone  problems including rheumatism and osteoporosis, tones the respiratory system
  • Helps to prevent side effect of menopause
  • Helps with urinary and bladder problems since it is a natural diuretic
  • Helps to prevent and control allergies
  • Helps to normalize diabetes
  • Stimulates metabolism for higher energy
  • There are many other benefits to maintaining a healthy body.  It also can help alleviate Alzheimer’s by preventing the body from absorbing aluminum!

6.  D. E. is safe and inexpensive way to provide parasite control in humans and animals in developing countries, and it is used by many people in the U.S. as a dietary supplement. One tablespoon per day is the dose for adults; take it by stirring it in juice or milk.

Most of this information in this blog I have gained from Jane F. Goldberg, Ph. D., who  is a psychoanalyst that specialization is working with cancer patients and integrated with holistic health. She has written 7 books, and is the owner of La Casa Day Spa in NYC. She is also the Founder and Director of Brainercize.

I hope you have found this information helpful and it will help you decide if D.E. is something you might want to add into your diet to help with some current health problems or to gain optimal health!


Quote of the Day: Necessity is the mother of invention!

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  2. Hello Marla,

    Great article, thank you for showing the benefits of D.E to me, it was very interesting and I will definitely consider adding it to my diet!


    1. Thanks Danielle, I’m glad you found my article useful and DE is a excellent product to keep the body detoxed and ultimate health. Marla

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