Dietary Supplement Act, Your Rights To Alternative Medicine


"Dietary Supplements & Our Freedoms" 

I wanted to share some important information with all of you from SleuthJournal about our right and freedoms concerning dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals we choose to take, what type of healthcare we want – whether it is herbal remedies! Please read and share this information!

Last July, the FDA stunned supplement manufacturers with its proposed Guidance that would require all dietary ingredients introduced into the marketplace since 1994 to undergo drug-like safety testing prior to marketing. The tests could cost millions of dollars per each new ingredient and each variation on that ingredient. Supplement would not be any safer than they are today and would require supplement makers to lay aside 20 years of profits to conduct the tests.  To make matters worse, tens of thousands of workers could lose their jobs as the supplement industry would be forced to remove products from store shelves.

Many of these dietary supplements have been on the market for over a decade and there has been NO:

  • Reported deaths or
  • Significant side effects

But still the  FDA’s proposed new dietary ingredient guideline appears to be nothing more than an bureaucratic and expensive paperwork trail that is intended to stop the use and purchase of many safe products from the consumer and free market.

There is not basic for this law, or the DSHEA that Congress passed.  This is a validation of our right and  is absolutely unnecessary.  This could take away our freedom of choosing what or how we what to treat our families when they are ill and we all know that with the proper nutrition, supplements we can many times warn off disease and illness.

If you have a health business this guidance threatens and puts your income at risk.

What is in this guidance:

  • By requiring very-expensive safety testing for many of the supplements that you manufacture, distribute, sell and stock on store shelves
  • It will guarantee that a high percentage of those products will not survive the process
  • Supplements are safe
  • New ingredients have continued that same track record of safety.

There is no risk.

  • The regulatory environment for dietary supplements is different today than it was in 1994s — there is adverse event reporting, GMPs, the FDA Food Safety Modenization Act which regulates the manufacturing thoroughly from start to finish.
  •  Ironically, the very legislative and regulatory measures put in place to burden the industry can now be used to justify lightening its regulatory burden.
  • There is no cost to the Government in enacting this Bill — but it will save the Government many millions of dollars in unnecessary regulatory costs.
  • It will preserve jobs in America that would otherwise be lost if  the FDA Guidance is to be put into effect.
  • The Bill will ensure that the intent of Congress when passing DSHEA—that “the right of access of consumers to safe dietary supplements is necessary in order to promote wellness”—is honored.

This Bill will ensure during the time in our country when we are in an economic crisis:

  • That supplements remain affordable and available to all of us so that the average American can purchase the supplements of their choice
  • Lower our national health-care costs as more citizens remain healthy and disease-free
  • It will also ensure that the dietary supplements guidance by DSHEA in 1994 will continue as it was

Read the bill here: [H.R.3380 Dietary Supplement Protection Act (DSPA)]

I urge you my fellow American’s PLEASE —  Don’t let them take away our rights of taking the vitamins, supplements, what method  of healthcare we choose, what foods we eat, organic safe and natural living, and our rights to live a green life!

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