Eating Organic Food in College: 7 Obvious Benefits!

College is a time when many healthy and unhealthy habits are created. For many students it is the first opportunity to make important everyday decisions on their own. One of these decisions is how you will eat. College life is fast and fun, full of opportunities. By managing what you eat your body will be better equipped to keep up with the demands of your studies and social life. Eating organic food in college has several benefits.

It is easy to fall into the habit of convenient food. Running from one activity to the next, surrounded by free pizza, study snacks, and fast food it’s no wonder the phrase “freshman 15” has stuck. It’s easy to pack on the weight through unhealthy eating choices without even realizing it is happening. These convenient processed foods wreak havoc on our bodies (see: The Damage Processed Food is Having on Us!)

Today’s college students are busy studying, playing sports, participating in yoga, civic events, and social justice. Eating healthy has a significant impact on these activities. Choosing fuel rather than junk keeps your mind more alert and your body ready to handle the stresses of college life that come. Unhealthy choices lead to exhaustion, depression, lack of focus, poor grades, and weight gain. 

Emily, now a second year grad student, had this to say when asked for her top tips for incoming freshman, “There were two things that saved me my first year. Deciding to eat organically helped me avoid the freshman 15 everyone else was gaining and helped me stay focused. And EssayGeeks helped me complete my school work while still having time for a social life. Work and eat smarter your first year and you’ll do great.” The health benefits of organic food are countless.

According to USA Today, more college students like Emily are choosing to eat organic food for a healthy lifestyle.

There are 7 obvious benefits of eating organic food in college.

  1. You will avoid pesticides and GMOs. Pesticides may increase your risk of developing cancer, infertility, certain neurological disorders, and more. Some studies have shown that GMO’s may cause internal organ damage, food allergens, gastro-intestinal problems, and more.

  2. It is better for the environment. By choosing foods without pesticides you are choosing to support companies that are seeking to create a better environment. Pesticides have the potential to contaminate our water supply. This harms us and the animals that drink it.

  3. It’s always good to support local businesses. By shopping fresh and at local farmers markets you are helping the local economy. That’s a win for everyone.

  4. It’s a myth that eating organic is always more expensive. Sure, some organic foods are more expensive but not all. Shop smart. Oats and seasonal fruits make for a delicious filling breakfast while rice, vegetables, and beans are tasty inexpensive alternatives to fast food. Eating at home more, and avoiding the fast food windows, will save you money in the long run. Read How to Eat Organic on a Budget for more great tips.

  5. Organic food is brain food. Organic foods have amino acids which are healthy for the brain. A healthy brain makes for a happier college student and a higher GPA.

  6. They are high in antioxidants. Organic foods are higher in antioxidants giving you more energy and a stronger immune system to the germs easily passed around in the dorms.

  7. It simply tastes better. Conduct a simple taste test to see for yourself. Organic food is often fresher as it’s shelf life is shorter. The flavor is more intense and satisfying.

Making healthy choices in college will impact your life for many years. You will create healthy habits, leave a lasting impact on our environment, and have a higher standard of taste. This is a lifestyle change that will create a better quality of life for years to come. Eating organic food has many health benefits and environmental benefits so please if your are a college student go organic – it’s your future! 

 Author bio: Chris Richardson is a journalist, editor, and a blogger. He loves to write, learn new things, and meet new outgoing people. Chris is also fond of traveling, sports, and prefers healthy way of living. Follow him on Facebook and Google+.


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