Employees Drug Test: Its Pros and Cons

disadvantages of drug testing

Having some employee drug test in the workplace remains to be the controversial topic for several years but this has been in existences in most of the most companies. Form the view of employees; they feel that their privacy is affected by taking such test whereas the employees feel that it is their right to make sure that their workplace is free from the drug consumers. Also, it is not legal for employing people who are addicted to drug consuming.

It is important to think to form the view of employees, employers where legal rules are also significant  to make the justice result for the issues. So such workplace test comes with several advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading to know about the pros and cons of workplace drug testing.

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Advantage of the workplace drug testing

A safe work environment is assured

One of the most remarkable advantages of the test is, it ensures safety and a healthy workplace. This comes highly true for the works where high risk is involved like dealing with chemicals, driving vehicles, operating heavy machines and many more. If there are any such accidents there might be a risk to any extent like a loss in lives, properties, etc.

Potential legal liabilities will be reduced

If there are any accidents in the workplaces there are chances for the employers to face certain legal liabilities. In particular, if the accident is because of the inefficiency of the employer in the process of his functions. Apart from the rapid diagnostic testing, the employers will not have any other options to find the right person who involves in drug consumption.

Helps in better productivity

As eliminating the drug consumers will reduce the accidents and make them completely concentrated in work helps in risking the production of the company. Moreover, the disturbance of such person to the peers also will be reduced and a healthy environment will be created. These automatically raise the production of goods.

It is less invasive

For the workplace test of drugs, you do not need to collect any blood samples. It is just enough to have oral saliva swabs or urine samples and most of the companies refer to buy drug test kits that do not need blood samples. These kits serve as the quick administrator and offer rapid results. If the result is positive they will be reconsidered and verified for accuracy by the accredited drug-testing laboratory. Without proper testing and evidence, no employee will be considered as drug consumers.

Disadvantages of drug testing

It is an additional expense

One of the most notable disadvantages of the testing is it is expensive. You need to buy the tools, employers need to spend time in testing the employees, if there are positive results it needs to be checked again, product relevant reports to the higher authority, etc. All these are considered to be the factor to be an expensive task.

Unfair dismissal

From the point of the employees, it is considered to be unfair dismissal as the result of consuming alcohol or other drugs. If the employee is found to be consuming the drug, he or she will be laid off. Often file suit by mentioning that they were wrongfully terminated. This is the case; the company will be in the loss of money. The replacement of the employees needs to have another lengthy process.

Violation of privacy

To find people who are consuming drugs, it is important to check all the employees. For non-drug consumers, it is a violation of privacy. It may cause resentment among the employees that leads to a reduction in productivity and affects the revenue of the company.

Final thoughts

On the whole, there are both positive and negative factors in drug testing. The proper conclusion can be obtained from the opposite side of employees and employers to know the risk factors in the process of employees drug testing. Have more analysis and come for the conclusion!

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