Energy-Efficient Use of AC Devices!

We all enjoy relaxing in cool rooms at pleasant temperatures, but nobody’s fond of having their money blown away by sky-high electricity bills. It’s all about finding a fine balance and making the most out of your AC device with the lowest possible environmental impact. Kicking your AC into chilling overdrive is not only wasteful and irresponsible, but it’s also damaging to the environment. Luckily, there are ways to keep your home cool and still use your AC at your convenience but stay on the sane side of costs. Here are several suggestions how you can do it.

Proper house insulation

Wherever there’s the tiniest crack, poor door or window seals, cool air will find a sneaky way to leak out. The first step in efficient energy use is installing proper insulation at all key points of your house, the basement, attic and outer walls. The idea is not the make your house air-tight but to do everything you can to maintain the desired temperature inside, regardless of the weather outside. You can have certified home energy efficiency auditors come and give you their best estimate on how to raise the energy efficiency of your home. It might be pricy in the beginning, but it will pay off in the long run by cutting down your power bill.

AC night mode

One of the best energy saving options is putting your AC on night mode while sleeping. Normally, you wouldn’t need the same level of cooling at night as during the day so this is a great opportunity to turn the AC down entirely, if you can manage it, or use the sleep mode which decreases its output.

The right thermostat at the right place

Upgrading to smart thermostats means that you’ll be able to regulate the temperature in your home even in your absence. Plus, it gives you the option to remotely control and adjust it by using an app on your phone.

Another important aspect is the position of the thermostat. They play a very important part in the proper functioning of your air-conditioning system so its position makes a significant impact on temperature regulation. If you place it on a wall with direct sun exposure, it will turn on much more often than necessary as it will register that the room is hotter than it really is. The best position would be in a room that is mostly used, on an interior wall, unobstructed by bookshelves or decorations, so that its sensors can operate as freely as possible.

Regular maintenance

Regular servicing and maintenance is the precondition of efficient running of any device. It’s what prolongs its life and pays off in the long run. Most of the time it’s just a basic and routine cleaning, hosing out or changing the filter to remove built-up dirt and particles that jam it. Good maintenance is highly important for the safety reasons as well, since faulty electrical installations pose a serious fire hazard, so it’s best to have professionals handle this for you. For example, the guys who own and operate Sydmech not only offer premium quality maintenance and installation service, but also guaranteed workmanship, saving you money and sparing you stress. Check your local area for professional AC maintenance and installation service.

Optimal temperature

The most efficient performance level of your AC is achieved at about 78F or 25.5C. Let’s use a car analogy here to make it clearer: research shows that cars run most efficiently between 35mph (56km/h) and 50mph (80km/h). Higher speed means more wind resistance which decreases energy efficiency and increases fuel consumption. Well, the same goes for ACs: the lower the temperature, the more power is necessary to achieve it.

Fan help

Using a few fans on the side can’t hurt. They circulate the air so less cool air needs to be pumped in. Plus, they make the room feel 10 degrees cooler than it really is, which means that about 10% less energy is produced by the AC system as well.

As three-quarters of homes today use some kind of AC system, energy consumption has risen significantly. Implementing these measures can help cut the utility bills and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

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