Energy Solutions to Climate Change that Saves Consumers Money

With the effects of climate change now bearing down on the planet in ways that will impact all living things, it’s critical that we find innovative ways to immediately reduce the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the environment. We need fresh market-driven solutions to dramatically reduce CO2 that are not dependent on politics or technology, and which we can activate now.

Why the hurry? With the odds of federal intervention in the form of carbon taxes or new subsidies unlikely in the near term, waiting for a government rescue is not an option, as evidence builds that CO2 emissions continue to climb to historic highs and we witness examples of the challenges we face on the horizon. Many think that only market-driven solutions will remove politics from the issue, allow large numbers of Americans to act now and be sustainable. New government incentives to industry and consumers could certainly speed the reduction of emissions, but cannot does not look promising at this time in our history.

To stimulate societal will to take action and initiate mass adoption of carbon reduction, the ideal solutions SHOULD NOT:

  • Cost the consumer any more than they are currently paying for energy
  • Cause inconvenience to consumers in taking action
  • Require changes in purchase patterns to unfamiliar brands
  • Require new technology advancements or infrastructure
  • Rely on consumers’ belief in climate change, but only that they will act in their financial self interest. Any consumer altruism would be a bonus in accelerating adoption.

There’s good news. A new solution has been developed based on analytics that can reduce significant quantities of CO2 by bringing together the nation’s largest energy retailers with the support of both climate change activists and deniers, Big Oil and green organizations, and political conservatives and liberals. Sound too good to be true? It will launch this year.

An green energy solution to climate change that saves consumers money

Source:Home Energy Club

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