Ensuring Your Supplements Are Healthy and Not Harmful

In this day and age of organic food and products, GMO labeling and green living at the forefront of many families’ minds, it’s hard to believe that an astonishing 60 percent of Americans are taking prescription drugs, according to The Washington Post.

If you are looking to take your health into your own hands, there are vitamins and supplements available at retail stores and online for seemingly every health concern.

Herbal medicine and herbs
Herbs with alternative medicine herbal supplements and pills

But how can you be sure that you are taking quality supplements? 

Buy From Companies You Trust

No matter how healthy and robust your diet is, it is difficult to get the recommended amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients through food alone. To get the recommended daily amount of Vitamin A, for example, you need to consume roughly one cup of cantaloupe, two cups of raw spinach and one medium carrot per day.

This is where supplements come in. However, you need to ensure that the supplements you’re putting into your body are, in fact, safe. Supplements from unreliable sources may contain fillers, pesticides and harmful chemicals. Experts suggest only buying from companies you trust. Reputable companies that have stood the test of time and are transparent in their products and ingredients are typically the safest bet.

For example, Nutrilite — the top-selling brand of dietary supplements in the world — offers vitamins, supplements and other health products that are derived from organic farms and include the highest-quality plant nutrients. With calcium, protein powder, omega 3 and B vitamins, Nutrilite offers a variety of supplements to support optimum body functioning.

Don’t Believe the Hype

You’ve seen those infomercials that promise a dramatic weight loss in a short amount of time and you are tempted to try the product. But the bottom line is, if a supplement seems too good to be true, it probably is. Health experts suggest steering clear of any product that promises miracle results, quick fixes or scientific breakthroughs. Many weight loss supplements have been proven to be dangerous and they are not subject to the same governing standards by the FDA as prescription drugs. Many have not been verified for dosage, purity and standardization, so it’s best to stay away from these products.

Do With Due Diligence

Like anything else you do to live a green lifestyle, it’s important to do your research on the supplements you choose to take or give to your family. Being well-informed is the best form of protection against unreliable and unhealthy supplements.

There are some reliable online resources for information about supplements, including Consumer Health Choices and Nutrition.gov. Consumer Health Choices offers a list of the “dirty dozen” supplements to steer clear of. Additionally, the Office of Dietary Supplements offers free fact sheets on herbs and vitamins that indicate how well testing backs up the suggested uses.

Always check with your doctor before starting a supplement routine. If you think a product marketed as a dietary supplement sold online may be tainted, the FDA urges you to make an online report.

There are many reputable companies that sell high quality supplements and vitamins but there are also many that contain toxic ingredients. Just make sure you do your research and I would suggest calling and asking questions to make sure you get the best quality supplements for your money. Your health and your family’s health could depend on it!!

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  2. Hi Marla,
    I have been hearing more and more about this critical issue. Some poor quality supplements do more harm than good unfortunately. It’s such a pleasure to read and share your helpful and informative suggestions regarding how we can be sure the supplements you’re taking are good for you. Thank you for partying with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing this!

    1. Hi Deborah,
      Supplements can be very helpful but only if they don’t contain harmful toxins. Choosing the healthy supplements are as important as eating real food. Have a happy healthy blessed Easter. Marla

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