Environmental Benefits of Regular Plumbing Maintenance!

Environmentalism entails a prudent use of natural resources and eco-friendly practices to preserve the ecosystem, ensure a healthy, thriving living environment for future generations, as well as optimize monetary savings and increase revenue. Green solutions are beneficial not only for the preservation of the Earth, but also for homeowners and business owners alike, as recycling and reusing policies paired with water and energy efficiency can significantly decrease upkeep and operational costs, which can lead to higher financial stability and long-term gain.

One thing you should definitely do is include smart, energy-efficient lighting in your home, along with energy-efficient appliances. You should also introduce a water-saving policy and consider the positive impact that regular plumbing maintenance can have on promoting your rewarding, eco-friendly lifestyle. Here is how you can benefit from maintaining your plumbing network.

Sealing home-wide leaks

Water leaks can appear in almost every part of your home where there are pipes, from the heaters in the rooms and hallways to the water networks in your kitchen and bathroom. The eco-friendly solution that will allow you to minimize the unnecessary water expenditure is fixing all the water leaks.

Leaks in the walls can occur due to wear and tear the pipes succumb to over time, and they usually exude costly repairs, as you will have to break through the wall to reach the pipes, fix them, and seal the wall back up.

Some of the more common water problems occur in the kitchen and bathroom. Leaky faucets are the most frequent culprits of water waste, and you should mend all the damage immediately if you wish to help preserve the environment and decrease your water bills as well. Be sure to inspect all faucets in your home for leaks by placing a bowl underneath to collect any water overnight – if the bowl starts to fill up, no matter how slow, you want to contact your designated plumber right away.

Next, you want to check all the valves and their seals and inspect them for leaks. Unlike faucet leaks, valve leaks are very hard to notice because the water tends to move slowly outwards, one drop at a time. This is why you want to inspect them with your hands, by touching the surface area of the valve and the seal and looking for any damp residue. If you fail to mend all the valve leaks, such as behind the toilet or water heater, you will allow gunk to form inside and around the valves, making them hard to clean and resulting in unpleasant vapors that will contribute to the accumulation of humidity and rust.


Unclogging the drains

There is nothing that can cause home-wide inefficiency, excessive water waste, and even flooding more easily than faulty or clogged drains. Moreover, slow or completely clogged drains will result in filthy and contaminated water accumulating in the pipes, which will in turn cause unpleasant smells, allow bacteria to form, and damage your amenities.

You can try to unclog the drains by mixing — vinegar and lemon juice paired with hot water, but if the problem persists and you need a thorough unclogging action, this Alexandria’s expert for blocked drains can provide you with a swift and quality service on a short notice.

Maintain water pressure

Maintaining adequate water pressure throughout your home will mean the difference between wasting water and preserving the environment. The majority of homes waste too much water on a daily basis, which could be avoided with a simple use of a pressure gauge from time to time.

Allowing high water pressure to persist will result in large amounts of wasted water, and while it might not be as pleasant to shower under a low-pressure stream, it will benefit the environment and your monthly budget significantly. If checking the water pressure is not your preferred afternoon activity, you can install an automated pressure regulator that will maintain adequate water pressure levels aimed at promoting efficiency and comfort.

Along with a myriad of sustainable, eco-friendly practices you can implement into your household to transform it into a true green powerhouse, regular plumbing maintenance is one of the most cost-effective solutions available. Follow these simple guidelines to increase your home’s water efficiency and you will be one step closer to preserving the ecosystem and leaving a healthy planet for future generations.

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