Examining LED Lighting as an Eco-Friendly Alternative!


It is no secret that we are all starting to use incandescent lights less and less. LED lights are a much better option today as they consume less energy and thus reduce your bills. Still, this isn’t the only reason why turning to LED lighting is a good idea. These are also more environmentally friendly than standard bulbs which makes LED lights a perfect choice for anyone who wants to aid in preserving the nature. Make sure you keep reading to find out more about LED Lights and their effect on the environment.

They are Energy Efficient

As mentioned above, LED lights require less energy than standard bulbs. Recent studies have shown that by using LED lights you can save up to 90% of electricity comparing to incandescent bulbs and up to 50% comparing to CFL lights. By using less energy you will not only reduce your bills, but your will help preserve the environment as well. This is the case because by using LED lights, you will reduce the load on electric power plants. Most importantly, power plants will in that case use less fuel to generate electricity.

They Last Longer

Another benefit of LED lights is that they tend to last much longer than their incandescent counterparts. The reason we have to get rid of standard bulbs is that they contain minute amounts of mercury that ends up in ground once these are taken to a landfill. LED lights last approximately 30,000 – 50,000 hours which means that they don’t have to be changed as much as regular bulbs. Therefore, by reducing the amount of bulbs used, you reduce the amount of bulbs that would end up in a landfill.

They Reduce Light Pollution

LED lights also have inherent directional nature. In other words, their light is highly focused and only covers the area it’s supposed to. This helps fight so-called light pollution which is caused by the light that is scattered into the environment. Of course, the fact that LED lights have inherent directional nature doesn’t mean that they make the room they are used in less visible. In fact, a great majority of people who switched to LED lights said that their homes are much better lit than they were with incandescent bulbs.

They Reduce Noise Pollution

Noise is also something that can seriously disrupt the balance of nature. Standard bulbs aren’t famous for their silence, since they always tend to emit humming noise. But if you switch to LED lights, noise is never going to be a problem since these don’t generate any vibration or humming. Also, not only will you reduce noise pollution but you will start to enjoy your home more as well. For example, it’s a great idea to install energy-efficient ceiling LED lights in your bathroom and create a perfect ambience for relaxation.

They Encourage Plants to Grow

Studies have also shown that standard bulbs can have a bad impact on the way plants in their vicinity grow. This happens because conventional bulbs slightly increase the temperature in the area around them. On the other hand, LED lights don’t produce nearly as much heat and they don’t have any negative effect on the plants around them. In fact, they produce “cool light” which encourages them to grow. This makes LED lights a perfect choice for anyone who is into gardening.

Having all of this in mind, switching from incandescent lights to LED lights seems like a real no-brainer. By doing so, you will both save money and aid in preserving the nature. And since every contribution counts, this is always a good move to make.


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